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WGTChampion's (not so) Super Secret Tournament

Sun, Aug 15 2021 10:41 AM (46 replies)
  • Asphaltpirat
    2,810 Posts
    Sat, Jun 13 2020 3:19 PM

    Biggest Mistake:
    No more Words.

  • andyinadl68
    11 Posts
    Sat, Jun 13 2020 3:27 PM

    All worked good here for me on PCEA. Just wondering if we can still access the leaderboard on a web page? 


    That's how many of us copy and paste data for our spreadsheets.



  • CEverett12
    14,177 Posts
    Sat, Jun 13 2020 6:12 PM

    Posted in the club forum . Thanks Champ .

  • mightyj3
    44 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 1:24 AM


    Love the new look leader board, easier to see where other club mates have finished instead of having to look on pc. 

    Much prefer single play ones but realise this is a test so all good. 


  • andwhy67
    2,816 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 1:46 AM


    Biggest Mistake:
    No more Words.

    48 now!!

    Are you doubting the integrity of some of these scores?


  • weetabix7
    352 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 5:19 AM

    Great job on the new leaderboard

  • Slimjim001
    635 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 8:05 AM

    I enjoyed this tournament as well but I agree with BPeterson8256. I would like it much better if it were single play. Good job.


  • AussieMick11
    1,237 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 9:01 AM

    @Champ, thank you for the tournament mate.

  • pdiehm
    211 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 1:43 PM

    I go out and shoot a 58, and feel real good.  I see the 49’s and 50’ guys need a new hobby when you can go out and punch through 18 holes of kiawah in under 50 shots.


    ps:  love the leaderboard.  Btw my 58 is in 173rd...that shows you how ridiculous some of the scores are


  • MioKontic
    3,779 Posts
    Sun, Jun 14 2020 4:33 PM

    So many problems with the actual EA version gameplay and all you seem to be bothered about is the leaderboard???  Priorities (or lack of) comes to mind!  And as we are still able to play on flash, why are you not allowing us to?  And finally, what's this obsession with playing off tees that are 2 miles ahead of the proper tees?  We're not kids any more, we should all be able to play off grown-up tees!