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SEL v Transgressional

Fri, Jan 31 2020 9:31 AM (65 replies)
  • carlosdev
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    Mon, Jan 6 2020 10:21 PM

    Great match between King Karl n Greg lol

    I just finished the replay lmaoo!!

    Amazing F9 by Karl n then great come back by Greg in B9.

    So over all, a fun thriller :) :) 

    Please note : I had all the intention of watching the match n chatting too but I do not remember anything after hole 4 lol. I fell asleep with my hot date lmaoo putting the stream on lol.. then hours n hours later, I woke up lol n there were nobody lol The hot date also stole my ding lmaooo. :) :) Wont happen again lol at least I will try lol 

    - Varun 

  • bluey403
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    Mon, Jan 6 2020 10:48 PM


  • forrrrrrrr
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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 12:27 AM

    "The Great Escape" lol   (Merion)
    Karl played really well on the,not so much
    3 down @ the the bunker on #10 and things aren't looking good
    A few crucial missed putts from Karl combined with a couple of good approaches from me on #17 & #18 and somehow managed to salvage a draw
    Thanks for a good friendly match mate...enjoyed it

  • LuizFabiano
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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 3:02 AM


    Great to see the quick response of you guys of SEL.

    You guys set up a new player for me George this guy is awsome he created a twitch account for our match tommorow at 6.30 pm gmt +1 we play

    Thx for that 

    grtzzz Jasper

    My excuse,

    i see my own post its wrong.

    Its not Twitch but skype account to talk.

    Even sober i cant make a normale post sos

  • carlosdev
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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 6:30 AM

    7th Jan, 2020

    LuizFabiano vs Tsoulara

    5:15 PM UK, 10:45 PM IST, 12:15 PM EST

    Live stream "Click here"


    TheAcefactor vs Kenbtexas 

    12:00 AM UK, 5:30 AM IST,  7 PM EST

    Live stream "Click here"

  • amateur4sure
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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 7:29 AM

    8.00 PM UK,  01.30 AM IST,  3.00 PM EST (Tuesday 7th)

    Phippo20040 vs    Dzonwejin



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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 10:31 AM

    Super Player and Game

    great win Jasper.



    Tsoulara / George


  • LuizFabiano
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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 10:35 AM

    Thx George was a fun game.

    LuizFabiano vs Tsoulara 3 up Luiz (Jasper) win.

    grtzzz Jasper

  • Phippo20040
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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 1:28 PM

    Just had my game with miljan (dzonwejin)

    I lost fair and square 5&4

    Unhappy with two short putts that I missed the ding on that cost the game going any further but I'm sure I would of lost anyway

    The highlight of the game for both of us came on our last hole the par 5 14th. We had a nice tail wind and a back pin we were both long and off the green I was first to play and boom pitched in for Eagle although miljan was closer I would say his was the harder shot because of the angle of the green and boom he sunk his aswell to win the match

    Really enjoyed the game and well played once again miljan a deserved win



    Copied from sel's. Message board

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    Tue, Jan 7 2020 8:26 PM

     just finished a fun game with Acefactor ...
    played kak ..
    had a blast ...
    final result ...
    DRAW ...