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Wedges Cleveland 588 (L74+) or TM ATV (L86+)

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Wed, May 1 2019 5:14 AM (14 replies)
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  • Martino991
    15 Posts
    Fri, Apr 12 2019 3:15 AM

    Hi EK

    When the time came I went for the higher level Clevelands and would recommend them.

    Plenty of spin when needed, matched to great control and forgiveness. They are slightly quicker than my woods / irons set up but I don't find that a problem.

    The 64 degree wedge is brilliant around the greens, especially pitching where you can stop the ball on a sixpence.


  • borntobesting
    9,411 Posts
    Sat, Apr 13 2019 1:44 AM

    To me the top Cleveland wedges are the best in the game. As for the ATV’s in my opinion they are highly overrated. I didn’t find them to even be as good and consistent as the Taylor Made Z-Satins that they replaced. I still have 2 of the Z-Satins that I use for my  CTTH and par 3 sets.!

  • jacktrade51
    9,767 Posts
    Mon, Apr 29 2019 4:15 PM

    Agreed.  I'm still happy with the 64 and 60 degree wedges from the level 70's and never seen any reason to upgrade.

    I did get sucked into the MacDaddy 100 yard wedge, which I am also happy with.  The only difference between that and Cleveland counterpart is more forgiveness … which I can use.

    Once one gets locked into the 60-80-100 yard sequence, and with the Cleveland 64 degree wedge which works from 5-60 yards pitching, punching and full shots … there is no reason to change.


  • maoriand1
    1,258 Posts
    Wed, May 1 2019 2:00 AM
    Maybe wgt will share the 60yrd and 80yrd by MCD.. it will be a good opportunity to upgrade.. i use the 3 wedges clev 60 80 100 yrds. I used play with the 100yrd mcd but i had different meter so i decidsd to come back at my clev 100yrd to have no difference. This sequence is the best for me because give me goods distance for every short game. Punch at 50 68 84 (SW 103) .. full 60 80 100.. pitch 17 and 25 and flop 20 and 29.. chip 7... i only use these solutions to play the short game. I Never play high flop ,pitch or chip. I hope wgt will release the 60 and 80 hight level by mcd to upgrade. It s the only reasonable solution for me to upgrade.
  • YankeeJim
    25,827 Posts
    Wed, May 1 2019 5:14 AM

    I would be really grateful for any feedback or thoughts on the higher level 588s or ATVs. 

    Look at your coverage gaps on the low end. ATVs go 50-75-100 while the CGs go 60-80-100. Factor in punch shots and you'll find you have smaller yardage gaps and better coverage with the CGs.

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