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The Alt-Shot World Challenge

Thu, Oct 17 2019 10:11 PM (632 replies)
  • RANGER1988
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    Sun, Mar 3 2019 4:06 AM

    Congratulations Jo and Spazz, great run and effort Pete and Cort!

    Alt-Shot World Challenge Championship Match:

    KeithJ/Yiannis VS WalkOfLife/Spazzstick

    Wolf Creek Full 18

    Best of Luck to the Final 2 Pairs



  • Yiannis1970
    2,742 Posts
    Fri, Mar 8 2019 1:32 PM

    As far as i know, the final game is set up for Sunday 20.00 GMT.

  • amateur4sure
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    Fri, Mar 8 2019 1:43 PM

    Best of luck Guys, Cracking Tourney Topper!!!!

  • RANGER1988
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    Sun, Mar 10 2019 1:44 PM

    Currently the Final Championship Match is being played live on Twitch! Both Pair's have settled in nicely after a fire storm of a start from Keith and Yiannis, a huge battle of these great Players is brewing!

    At the turn, Keith and Yiannis hold a 1-up lead, heading to the back!

    An absolute brilliant Championship Final Four!

    Best of luck to both Teams!

  • Yiannis1970
    2,742 Posts
    Sun, Mar 10 2019 2:24 PM

    I 'd like to thank you once more Topper for pulling this tournament off and for all good spirit and will to do well!!

    Thank you pal!!


    Nice final decided by a lucky shot and lying dots...well that's life. Congrats guys.

  • SpazzStick
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    Sun, Mar 10 2019 2:26 PM

    Thanks much for hosting the tournament. My partner and I both enjoyed rounds. We look forward to defending next year.

    Thanks also to our opponents. They got off to a quick start and gave a great fight, both in this match and the first round when we met them. 

    Again, thanks.

  • WaLk0fLiFe
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    Sun, Mar 10 2019 2:32 PM

    Was a fun/close match. We were down a lot early and had one lucky hole out! but in the end the better team won :P GG keith/yiannis was good fun


    Thanks to the organizers who put this on and took the time to run it. A job well done. Thanks a lot :)

  • giraldin
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    Sun, Mar 10 2019 4:09 PM

    Hello, beyond all the problems that have happened in this great championship, I would like to say: Thank you very much to the organizers of this tournament, many thanks to all those who have made it possible to reach its end, many thanks in short to all those who make it possible for us to have fun thanks to the joint effort. Congratulations to the finalists, and I hope and wish that the organizers were worth so much effort. MANY THANKS.

    My only regret, is not being able to see the grand finale for professional reasons.


  • RANGER1988
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    Mon, Mar 11 2019 6:50 PM

    Well WGT'ers we made it successfully through the end of The Alt-Shot World Challenge! A few bumps in the road in the beginning, but we all pulled through and it ended up being a huge success. From what we learned in this one, we will use to make the next one a lot smoother.

    Before we announce the Winners, I would like to thank everyone that took the time to participate in this huge Event and play in your Matches as they were globally very difficult to organize at times, but you all gave a wonderful effort to make this a success!

    We had a great support staff helping out along the way, thank you to Brad (Kavvz), Jim (YankeeJim), and Finny for helping keep me straight! Our Prize Sponsor Peter (ujjbnjk), and our Web Page and Trophy designer Johnny (WigerToods2010)! Thank you all ever so much for your generosity with supporting The World Challenge!

    So without further ado, here are the Final prize winners:

    Finishing in 3rd Place making it all the way to the Championship Match of the consolation Bracket: bluey403 and tseeqhim winning 1500 credits each, well done fella's, great shooting!

    Finishing in 2nd Place winning every single Match along the way up to the Championship Match: Keithj and Yiannis winning 2500 credits each, absolutely brilliant victory's throughout the Competition Fella's, well done!

    And our Grand Champion's for our 1st Annual Alt-Shot World Challenge:

    Walk0fLife and Spazzstick winning 5000 credits each and the Champions Trophy above!

    Thanks again to everyone participating, see you in the fall for our 2nd Annual Alt-Shot World Challenge with some new changes!

    Take care everyone!


  • giraldin
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    Tue, Mar 12 2019 4:56 AM

    A license with permission from the creator of the trophy, and if you like it perfect, and if not, then you eliminate it.