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best buck for money ball - mapped clubs for them

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Wed, May 17 2023 12:45 AM (25 replies)
  • flatstick96
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    Tue, May 8 2018 10:48 AM

    I do like the Tour-SD's performance for the price.  It's all I use now that I can afford more than 10 credit balls.  :-) 

    Biggest thing, in my mind, is find one ball and stick with it.  Bouncing around from ball to ball seems like a recipe for disaster.

  • Faz2000
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    Thu, May 10 2018 9:02 PM

    I'm all at sea on balls at the mo. I've played the WGT GI2-S @ 64 credits from about level 65-85. They served me well, made it through Master, Tour Master to Legend. I know what they'll do the vast majority of the time, and can consistently get those lovely "white bars" (ie. put it close) from basically anywhere inside about 170 yards.

    I've bought myself some shiny new sticks at L85 (the Cally irons and Fusion driver) - rapt with those. They work great with the GI2-S balls too.

    The problem, though, is now I'm finding off the Legend tees these lovely cheap balls just don't cut the mustard. There are numerous par 4s I cannot reach in two, some fairways I can barely reach off the tee, and long par 3s practically require a driver. Kudos to those who can make TL with rocks, but I'm clearly not that good.

    So I'm exploring the wonderful world of better balls, yet still trying to be cheap and avoid leaping to 600-1000 credit balls. I'm trying out the miscellaneous freebies I have collected, and found that to be a nightmare. I have no idea how far each club will hit, or spin.

    Given it seems the collective wisdom is I have to map and practice with a given ball to master it (or, I guess, find out if it's for me), anyone got any suggestions on how to do that? Do I just pick something that looks good on paper (eg. 180 cred Srixons or L33 Callys), buy a ton of 'em and get to hitting? 

    I have taken great pride in maintaining a strong head to head record with my 64 credit beauties whilst people are whacking 600 cred Nikes or 900 cred Titleists, but it seems like the Legend tees are the breaking point for that.

  • xlviii
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    Fri, May 11 2018 9:59 AM

    The Legend tees will test your equipment for sure. I use different clubs, but only your 3-wood should really be upgraded. I can recommend the L84 R15 although the L89 Big Bertha is a lot nicer if you can deal with the lower forgiveness.

    With Legend, the increased wind makes it tough to reach greens as well. The longer shots and faster green speeds mean that it's a big jump from TM to L as getting your shot close is much tougher.

    If you're willing to spend a little more, I can recommend the L48 TM (400 credits). The L61/L81 balls are very good (some of the top players use those), but the L48 is the L61 with a slightly faster meter speed. If you've been playing the 64 credit balls, it should still be slower than what you're used to.

    I'd recommend the L48 at 400 credits if you can afford it, the L33 Callaway at 250 credits if 400 is too much, and the 180 credit Srixons (the same ball as the vapor you're using now) if you need to pinch pennies credits as much as possible.

  • flatstick96
    208 Posts
    Fri, May 11 2018 12:50 PM

    Yeah, I'm a cheapskate who plays the Tour-SD exclusively at the Legend tier; playing cheap balls at Legend definitely tests your long irons on 3's and 4's, and your wedge game on 5's (most of which are unreachable).

    I really wish ball attributes on the WGT-branded balls were customizable, so you could just pay for the attributes you want.  I'd buy a 5-distance, 2-spin, 0-meter ball all day long - and such a ball would be relatively affordable, since meter is clearly the most "expensive" attribute of the 3 (and the one I'm least interested in).

  • kingiling
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    Fri, May 11 2018 2:26 PM

    Hi Roland, and others,

    I'm pretty close to you in terms of clubs and trending towards having more credits to start spending on better balls.  I mostly stick now to Cally 33 and Cally 35, but am starting to look at 3.5 meter balls.  For whatever reason, I seem to ding more on 2.5 or 3.5 meter speed rather than 3.0, but that's personal pref.  Here's a list below broken down by meter speed of the balls I look at for value for each meter range.  I didn't include the lower meters, but I lived on the 65 Cr WGT ball for a long time.  Hope it helps.

    Cheers, GK

    Meter 2.5

    • L33 Callaway 250 Cr  Spin:3.5  Dist:3.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:2.5
    • L35 Callaway 300 Cr Spin:2.5  Dist:4.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:2.5

    Meter 3.0

    • L48 TM 400 Cr Spin:3.5  Dist:4.5  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.0
    • L51 Volvik 400 Cr Spin:4.0  Dist:4.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.0

    Meter 3.5

    • L34 Callaway 450 CR Spin:2.5  Dist:4.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.5
    • L40 Titleist 675 Cr Spin:3.5  Dist:5.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.5
    • L57 Titleist 775 Cr Spin:3.7  Dist:5.2  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.5
    • L60 TM 500 Cr Spin:4.0  Dist:3.5  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.5
    • L61 TM 500 Cr Spin:3.5  Dist:4.5  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.5
    • L81 TM 550 Cr Spin:4.0  Dist:5.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:3.5

    (Not exactly value below here, but just being inclusive)

    Meter 4.0 

    • L70 Titleist 875 Cr Spin:4.2  Dist:5.4  Dur:2.5  Meter:4.0
    • L95 TM 650 Cr Spin:5.0  Dist:5.0  Dur:2.5  Meter:4.0

    Meter 4.5 

    • L90 Titleist 975 Cr Spin:5.2  Dist:5.6  Dur:2.5  Meter:4.5

  • rl2203
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    Mon, May 14 2018 2:10 PM

    The problem, though, is now I'm finding off the Legend tees these lovely cheap balls just don't cut the mustard. There are numerous par 4s I cannot reach in two, some fairways I can barely reach off the tee, and long par 3s practically require a driver. Kudos to those who can make TL with rocks, but I'm clearly not that good.

    Believe me, it took me an awful lot of round to get to TL with rocks - also I played a lot of easy courses (eg. STA F9 or KIA B9). If you play a few hundred times STA F9, its normal to get lots of 30s or better.

    I would also recommend to upgrade your 3W - I had good results with the Cally X2 Lvl73 - but of course IMO its important to have all clubs at roughly the same meter.

    Also a few  tipps to squeeze a few more yards from your drive:

    1. Use a little Backspin (eg 20%) for drive or 3W approach shot

    2. Move the aim marker a little further than you expect to hit - the ball wants to finish inside/near the aim marker. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I thinks its really so.

    3. Have hope - there are really good clubs when you reach higher levels - just search 'Pro Shop Table' - my Clubs all mostly LVL 97+ and that helps a lot!


    At the moment I am getting used to the Callaway Lvl33 soft chrome balls, if anybody is interested in my length charts in combination with my clubs, reply to this thread and I will post them when  I have mapped them (will take a few weeks at least).



  • Faz2000
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    Mon, May 14 2018 11:23 PM

    Great convo and info and tips, folks.

    Yes, I am upgrading my 3W to the Fusion at next level (L86) to round out my Cally 4.2 meter set. I have found moving to consistent meter speeds a good option.

    I've also bitten the bullet and bought some L33 Cally balls. Will take a while to dial those in, I'm sure, but at least I'm no longer bringing a knife spoon overcooked asparagus to a gun fight.

    I've enjoyed playing this game on a cheapskate budget so far - only spent $10 to date - hopefully I can get vaguely competitive at the Legend level and jag the odd credit in tourneys. Moving to balls that cost actual real life money is a big step for me! :)

  • LordXeno
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    Wed, May 16 2018 10:21 AM

    Lvl 43 cally cost same and go slightly further

  • Faz2000
    93 Posts
    Thu, May 17 2018 10:11 PM


    Lvl 43 cally cost same and go slightly further

    And don't last quite as long! I cannot over-emphasise how cheap I am!

    Enjoying whacking the L33 Callys around at the moment. Straight away feel a tad more competitive at the level, even though I'm nowhere near "dialled in" on them yet.

    Except when I put one in the drink yesterday. That hurt.

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    Wed, May 23 2018 10:21 AM

    I've tried nearly all the different balls and with the clubs I have, I found that I prefer the 2.0 swing. I have used mostly the G12 right up until I made Legend, then found that the Legend G12-SD2 balls fit me best, and at only 155 Cr. In my opinion it is comparable in performance to Volvik and Callys my only gripe is they don't last long, but at that price I can't complain.