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best buck for money ball - mapped clubs for them

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Wed, May 17 2023 12:45 AM (25 replies)
  • Rtwco
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    Sun, Sep 20 2020 8:44 AM

    Hi just read this post did you ever map your clubs to the Callaway Lv133 balls would be interested in your finding. I appreciate it’s a long time ago.Lol

  • Flatearth777
    267 Posts
    Tue, Sep 22 2020 5:40 AM

    I will be legend soon. was looking for a ball to offset with some distance with my 277 yard driver. I may have stick with andrews for a while until i click with my short iron shots. At present i am everywhere

    I would like to challenge all legends with good ball in match play bandon par 3. you can beat me easy if you are on your game.

    Good way to test your ball is good for you or not.

    calaway 43+ looks good. enough distance. slightly less durability but you need to use it for tournaments.

    My record

    VS. Master 1 - 0
    VS. Tour Master 1 - 0
    VS. Legend 50 - 28
    VS. Tour Legend 1 - 2
    VS. Champion 2 - 1
    VS. Tour Champion

    2 - 4




  • Ka9shk
    33 Posts
    Wed, Oct 7 2020 8:24 AM

    Thanks for this post i think it’s time for me to finally move on from free balls. 
    should I buy cally33 balls too? 

    please share that chart

  • bossbird
    2,205 Posts
    Thu, Oct 8 2020 3:14 AM

    Personally I prefer cally 39 , for the price , they are my everyday ball , going to cally 34 if I am a bit tired and need a slightly slower meter, the difference between 325 credits and 450 credits , is a good saving in my opinion for the everyday ball.

  • SimonTheBeetle
    3,555 Posts
    Thu, Oct 8 2020 3:53 AM

    IMHO the best ball right now in terms of cost-effectiveness must be Volvik Vivid Balls (L51+).

  • danjeff0
    185 Posts
    Wed, May 17 2023 12:45 AM

    I feel bad to ask about this. I am hopeless at mapping and always get inconsistent results. Is there a spreadsheet available for the 97 irons and the Volvik Vivid L51? I would be so grateful. Jay.