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End Of Game Chat

Mon, Jul 12 2021 11:28 PM (104 replies)
  • ScottHope
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    Mon, Dec 17 2018 7:09 AM

    Scott, did anyone tell you lately that you're freakin' awesome?

    Click and send, works a treat. Thanks bud : )

    Thank you mm.  ; )

    It only works if you have all your ducks lined up right, lol.

  • drmoose
    3,484 Posts
    Mon, Dec 17 2018 1:44 PM

    Yep, easy peasy, thanks Scott. A very Merry & Happy to you & yours. Iffin' they was to ask you how to fix it, I'm bettin' it coulda been done months ( if not years ) ago.

    Doc :)

  • ScottHope
    7,997 Posts
    Mon, Dec 17 2018 1:59 PM

    Thank you too Doc for all the thought and time that you put into this campaign.

    Maybe Dennis could've fixed it as he was, amongst many other things, Mr Flash Man (can't forget that Mr Potato Head game, hehe).

    Happy Xmas & New Year to the moose & family.  ; )

  • RDH81
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    Mon, Jul 12 2021 8:01 AM

    Hello MainzMan - I agree with your sentiment above, and just wondered if you ever got any updates.  As I end a round, I see the notation that the chat session is still open for the next 5 minutes, and although I can type into the chat session, I cannot see what my fellow golfer has left as a message.  Anyway, if you happen to have some more insight, I'd be grateful to have it.  BTW, ich wohne in Tübingen.

    Best regards,

    Richard Holliday

  • alosso
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    Mon, Jul 12 2021 11:28 PM

    Entschuldige bitte,

    this thread is three years old and was probably about the old Flash game.

    Also, MainzMan hasn't been playing for a few months now - retired, perhaps?

    Anyway, it might be better to look up the subject in the search =>
    or to open your own thread.