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World Golf Tour Hall of Fame: Realistic?

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Sun, Sep 27 2009 11:19 AM (9 replies)
  • gaoerfuqiu
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    Sat, Sep 26 2009 3:15 PM

    Hello all you WGTers. I am interested in starting a World Golf Tour Hall of Fame. I think it would be a fun and interesting thing to do, and it would really make WGT more realistic and give players something more to shoot for. My idea for a voting system would be to have, once a month, a select committee to nominate any amout of people. Those people would be placed on a ballot and anyone on WGT may vote for up to ten players (and can only vote once). There could be a thread set aside just for campaigning for certain players. Each Hall of Famer would have its own WGT shrine on one thread with all their accomplishments. There could be an induction ceremony once a month using mIRC, inviting as many people as possible to come and honor the best virtual golfers alive. I think it would be a thrilling experience to start a Hall of Fame for the nominators, the electors, and the electees to be part of an unforgettable experience: being a part of the Hall of Fame. If there's good feedback then I'll start to coordinate this. If you know somebody who you think would be good for the Nomination Committee, please put his name down below and tell me why they'd be good. Best case scenario: nominations begin this week, elections begin October 1, electees announced October 15, and there'd be a huge amount of publicity, enough so that the first inductees will be overwhelmed with joy to be honored with being a Hall of Famer. I really would like to start this soon so please put your feedback or nominations or whatever down here as soon as possible so I can start the World Golf Tour Hall of Fame - the most exciting non-golfing experience ever in virtual golf.

  • rustynipples
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    Sat, Sep 26 2009 3:26 PM

    You don't seem to ever stop gao xD

    I think it is a cool idea, you would have to figure out how to work out all the bugs for it, but all in all it could be pretty neat.

    You might run into a few problems along the way and I don't know if all the players that could be would want to be inducted, but never the less its an idea that has promise instead of repeated threads about the same subject.

    gl whether you do this or not gao

  • gaoerfuqiu
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    Sat, Sep 26 2009 3:38 PM

    First of all, LOL Rusty ... I promise that if I start this it will be completed! Second, I'm not sure why someone who would be inducted wouldn't want to be inducted. This is the Hall of Fame we're talking about; new or not, it's still a Hall of Fame that's very exclusive and would house only the absolute best talent. Sure, maybe it would take some time for people to warm up to it; but if someone saw players like [possible candidates] Tibbets and AvatarLee in the Hall of Fame, seems to me like they would be excited to try and make it there and be with elite company.

    Keep the feedback coming guys ... would like to get the Nomination Committee set up tomorrow!

  • gaoerfuqiu
    443 Posts
    Sun, Sep 27 2009 4:24 AM

    Come on everyone, I'd really like to see any feedback or constructive criticism you have on this ... I for one would liketo see who would get inducted the first time! But if too few people know about the Hall of Fame then it won't work and no one will be inducted! I'm also thinking about trying to work a deal with WGT to get inductees some kind of prize or something. Anything appreciated!

  • lilrob88
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    Sun, Sep 27 2009 6:07 AM

    Gao you coont

  • tibbets
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    Sun, Sep 27 2009 6:09 AM

    My thought is that it's much too early for such a thing.  We're only a year into this, and it's still Beta.  The true "Hall of Famers" at this point need no recognition:  It's obvious who has stood out in the last year.

    Maybe somewhere down the road after the game is more complete, and there's been some time for us all to operate under the same rules for awhile.

  • thunderbird
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    Sun, Sep 27 2009 6:28 AM

    There is already a WGT Hall of Fame.  I will give you the link.  First 100 people to break a hundred on the CTH.  I am one of those members.  You can find it on the old blog.

  • gaoerfuqiu
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    Sun, Sep 27 2009 7:49 AM

    First of all: Rob, that was exactly what we needed to hear. Thank you.

    Second: Tibbets, maybe it's too early for a Hall of Fame per say, but it's not like recognition is unnecessary. Sure, the best players know exactly who they are, and there's no disputing them, but they can still get the credit they deserve.

    So instead of a Hall of Fame, I'm going to introduce an Achievements thread with lots of statistics like "Lowest Round", "Most Birdies", "Most Community Tournaments Won", and scores more. There will be a Player of the Week/Month, Administrator of the Week/Month, and Rookie of the Week/Month. Anybody who hits a hole in one or any really spectacular shotis highly encouraged to post their replay on my profile, and I will put the replays on it too - if you can't save the replay because it was made in multiplayer mode, then I will need confirmation from at least one player in your group that you made the shot. Achievements, as it will now be called, will have recent community tournament winners, as well as links to tournaments allowing entries; and there will also be links to interesting on-going threads. It will advertise recent performances in WGT-sponsored tournaments. It will encourage people to check out mIRC, especially during Ryder Cup matches; and it will try to coordinate having match commentary for any community tournament or ladder match that the players would like to have commentary for. It may try to coordinate matches between high-level players. It may try to have a ranking system based solely on recent rounds played. But above all, it will record many statistics and honor those who are the best at them - and the best in virtual golf.

    Of course, don't expect this all the first time! I will try to put the first Achievements today (Sunday) but we'll see. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone would like to volunteer to help I will gladly accept it! We'll save the Hall of Fame for when we need it, but right now I think we need (well, maybe not need; but then, nothing on WGT is needed until you first play a round) something to recognize many of the top players, achievements, scores, notable shots, tournaments, matches ... anything that should be noted by everyone!

    Third: Thunderbird, that's not really a "Hall of Fame". If a Hall of Fame were based just on one achievement, then Bobby Thomson and Don Larsen would be in the Baseball HoF. That's just a list of players who have done something really good.

  • rustynipples
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    Sun, Sep 27 2009 8:03 AM

    Again, good idea gao, just don't try to go overboard too quick or you will kill yourself and possibly everyone trying to read the thread.

    In my opinion, the only way to have everything that you mentioned in one place and have it easy to read and navigate, would be to make your own website. Only problem with that is trying to get the word out on the website.

    One forum thread with little to no moderation will have it spammed like mad (or at the very least have two forum users fighting through words). If you go into this slow and get each aspect working before moving on to the next, then you may just have yourself a wiener.


  • gaoerfuqiu
    443 Posts
    Sun, Sep 27 2009 11:19 AM

    That's a very good idea, Rusty, and one that will be researched in the future. For now, though, I just said the hell with it so I'm gonna make an Achievements thread when I get my first statistics done. Please note, everyone, that the stats probably won't be completely accurate in the beginning, as I won't have looked at every possible person - I'm merely looking at a lot of the top players, who are most likely to be at the top of each category. Keep the feedback coming, and if you have a great replay you want to share, post the link on my wall or send me a PM. And please tell everyone you know about Achievements - publicity is the key to keeping this going.