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2018 world cup

Thu, Sep 20 2018 9:22 AM (2,306 replies)
  • HoylakeHunter
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 3:02 PM

    this is everything this comp in not about,listen friend i get countless messages with problems but i never post on this forum,i just deal with it,

    so it is wrong to voice ones frustration?

    we meant to carry on like we swimming in honey?

    can't speak ones mind here,lets pretend every single match going swimmingly?

    MR finns comp,let no one say people ever disagree---get real!

    What i won't miss is you being so pedantic and clueless

    Can i comment on the match now your highness?

    Thank you Ely7 

    great putting and a deserved win,everytime i thought i could bring it back,u steped up on the green

    good luck for the rest!!

  • bubbsboy
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 3:35 PM

    Edited.....nothing to do with score reprint. 


  • DodgyPutter
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 3:51 PM
  • pipala
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 4:31 PM


    I am honored to play in this competition and meeting new players is the best thing about it.

    EVERY player I have played has been genuinely good company and players I hope that will stay on my friends list and catch up for games of alt in the future.


    Nailed in two sentences


  • Jmugsy1
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 4:59 PM

    Group 3      Round 7     Match 3     Tie 6


    Player 61 vs Player 303

    Jmugsy1(303)  defeats Koreyman1111 (61) 4 & 3

    Good game but unfortunately Korey's game never took off.  Great company and thanks for the match

  • kavvz
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 7:08 PM

    Group 2 Round 7 Match 3 Tie 3

    Carolina Sandhills (kavvz)


    Cosa Nostra Goodfellas (douggongles)

    kavvz wins 3 & 2

    Was a pleasure to play a round with you Doug, classy player.  Good luck in the next rounds.  Cheers!


  • tseeqhim
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    Tue, Jun 5 2018 7:28 PM

    Group 2, Round 7, Match 3, Tie 7

    Carolina Sandhills (tseeqhim)


    Cosa Nostra Goodfellas (Wesdogg75)

    tseeqhim wins 6 & 5

    Thanks for the match, Wes! I feel fortunate to have gotten outta there with a W. Best wishes to you and your Cosa Nostra teammates for the remainder of the tournament!


  • bubbsboy
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    Wed, Jun 6 2018 12:05 AM

    Edit....No score report relevance 


  • amateur4sure
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    Wed, Jun 6 2018 3:08 AM

    LMAO Ken... I`ll have you ya bugger  :-)

  • DodgyPutter
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    Wed, Jun 6 2018 3:19 AM