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2018 world cup

Thu, Sep 20 2018 9:22 AM (2,306 replies)
  • Nicozandberg
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    Wed, Sep 12 2018 2:46 AM

    Won't keep you too long, as old blabbermouth Finney has said it all already. Lol

    It was an honor to be involved with the organizing this event this year again. Ty Finn, Dotty, Nigel & Johnny, who all made this run as smooth possible.

    Well done to the Wooden Tees & Bees. We as the Thunderchickens had the pleasure of playing both sides, and you are deserved winners of the Cup and Plate. Your golf was out of this world, but, more importantly, you are true gentlemen and the games played against you were all done in great spirit. Well done guys. Looking forward to our next meeting.

  • Yiannis1970
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    Wed, Sep 12 2018 7:41 AM

    Thank you so very much guys for all your great efforts organizing this super event. Congratulations on Wooden Tees for the victory.


    See you all next year. 

  • TdotDoba
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    Wed, Sep 12 2018 8:50 AM

    A big congrats to The Tee's and Bee's, quite an accomplishment bringing both trophy's back to your CC, vigorous golf clap :)

    Want to thank all of us who pitched in to make this a really top class event, you know who you are, we keep learning every year and I'm sure finny has some upgrades for next year.

    The whole team keeps plugging away to help finny make this one of the top events on WGT.

    Thank you captains and players on all the teams for participating in a very long and tough event. (bow of respect)

    Cheers all,

    TdotDoba aka Dotty, Dotbot and more often, hey you!

  • Wutpa
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    Wed, Sep 12 2018 7:35 PM

    Many congrats to The Wooden Tees and Bees for not only winning the whole kit and caboodle but for doing so with such grace and style. But also congratulations to all teams who took part this year and helped make this the best and most inclusive competition on WGT, bar none.

    Hats off to Finny for being the director, producer and chief screenwriter of this epic event once again. Truly monumental, mate. Take a few weeks off to rest, recuperate and have a few well-earned pints before you start putting the word out about WC 2019!

    Hearty applause and great appreciation to Dotty and Nico too for keeping everything going so smoothly - you guys are an excellent team and you all have my utmost respect.

    As Finny already been mentioned I supplied the spreadsheet and I'm very happy to have done so if it made life for the admin team easier and helped everyone check how the tournament was going. So I also owe big thanks to Bubbs for nominating me in the Gift of Golf for that - cheers mate, very thoughtful of you and much appreciated.

    Ever on, ever up. Congrats to the 2018 champions once again, and here's to 2019!


  • Williams01210021
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    Fri, Sep 14 2018 12:31 AM

    Well done Wooden Tee's on their wins. Big thanks to Finny and all the team for running this event. Guys do a great job and look forward to being part of this for many years to come. 

    Roll on 2019, 


  • WigerToods2010
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    Wed, Sep 19 2018 2:41 AM

    Just stopped by to say well done to Finny & Co. on another super World Cup event - saw you managed the posting honours fine yourself, Paul. :)

    Great spreadsheet work from Wutpa to collate and sort all the required data in order for the competition to run as planned.

    Finally, well done to the Members over at the Wooden Tees CC on sweeping all aside on the road to collecting a fully deserved double.



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    Thu, Sep 20 2018 9:22 AM

    Very efficiently run competition indeed.. Took a lot of time and organizing and you pulled it off. Congratulations!!

    Well done to Wooden Tee although a tad unfair they asked all their big guns to come out and play:) Maybe next time Aphro will summon up the credit crunchers LOL.. un-beatable that line up. Congratulations!!