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WGT Premier Membership

Tue, Mar 28 2023 12:39 PM (202 replies)
  • Mythanatos
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 9:24 AM

    mathia used 80 credits per 18 because they doubled the 40 for 9 holes. 


    I guess they don't know or forgot that the price isn't double for 18 holes and is only 60 credits.


  • Luckystar5
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 10:49 AM

    I'm totally confused, back a few pages some were knocking the membership program.  Now I see that they bought into it, what changed?  One person, in another conversation, bragged about it taking 5 years to make champion.  Bragged about doing it the right way and all, but at his level and tier, how could this have changed his whole life, in just a couple days?   Is he now taking the fast track to tour champion? Is there free drinks on the 19th hole, a uber driver to take him home,(free of charge)?   Seems that there are some perks that aren't advertised, that really must be fantastic, to completely change someone's life.  Please fill us in, curious minds want to know! 

        I don't have any problem with anyone who spends their money anyway that they choose,purchasing balls whatever. I also have no problem with anyone's status, not my business.  I have taken all of your advise and learned to just play and have fun.  I play everything, good and bad, alot of my clubs tourneys, courses, practice rounds etc, if it can be shown to me that being a premier member will heighten my experience, then I may consider it, but thus far no one has accomplished that.  Remember that alot of people take your advise, be careful not to mislead us, hurts us for a short bit, but ruins your credibility forever! i

  • drmoose
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 11:06 AM

    I'm guessing you're referring to Jimbog1964 who made that comment with tongue firmly in cheek, lol. WGT chose to take it at face value, trying to convince people to buy into a program that is, at best, of dubious value. I guess they decided that was better advertising than my glowing review.

    Doc :)

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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 11:34 AM


    ~snip~ Im going to call it as i see it. I left this game because i felt it was rigged. But lets not dwell on that for now. I also felt the need to leave when i saw the first driver in the game that cost 40 bucks to buy. It was an eye opener then when that happened, and the trend continues upwards. As i said, business is business. And now we have this subscription beast rearing its head.  ~snip~

    Of course the game is somewhat rigged.

    It is what it is, and that's where the challenge comes into play.

    One must totally immerse themselves into this game and go with the flow of the whimsical through the power of imagination, in both the good and the bad.

    In other words, fantasize right along with it, or it will drive you crazy.

    Listen.....Every putt/shot can be made, we just need to put in the correct variables or there will be whimsical outcomes of the putt, or shot.

    If you miss that putt, examine that putt, and try to find out the correct variables. You may never find it for that particular putt, however, future putts will keep getting closer and closer to the hole.

    Experiment around with different golf balls and note the results. Yes, that's right, even the color of the ball can make an difference.

    For example: The red ball might give you good distance but is only fair with the short game, where as the yellow ball may be fair in distance but good in the short game, and the blue ball might be good in both the long and short game.

    Try different clubs and avatars. Some avatars execute shots and/or putts better than other avatars.

    Just keep experimenting around until you find the right combination of clubs, balls, and avatar that compliments your style and timing with the swing meter. Golf is an expensive game/hobby.

    Also, World Golf Tour might torture you for an while, but World Golf Tour always makes up for it in the end.

    It's that or quit the game, if you quit you loose. Then you can no longer play golf or explore the other facets of the game and have fun.

    Dneirf believes in financially supporting that of which he is involved with. By financially supporting it, Dneirf becomes part of it. By becoming part of it, Dneirf is it.


    God Bless,

    Dude, you need to stop hogging that crack pipe. Share it around a bit, and the effects might not be so bad. 


  • Jimbog1964
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 11:35 AM

    Now I see that they bought into it, what changed?  One person, in another conversation, bragged about it taking 5 years to make champion.  Bragged about doing it the right way and all, but at his level and tier,

    Not me that bit.  Not guilty.   ..Never took me 5 yrs for starters, and I never brag about my chump badge for second starters:)...I might say some get there with too many red tees and wonder why they can't compete with some who learned that fway irons past PW do exist, but that would be it.

    how could this have changed his whole life, in just a couple days?

    We are talking about the Premiership Member badge???..See Doc's comment:)


  • alanti
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 12:20 PM


    • Word On the Street About Premier Memberships

      26 Sep 2017

      We took your game and gave you the opportunity to take it to the next level. The new WGT Premier Membership debuted in the Pro Shop earlier this month and we're rounding up your feedback.

      Here's a reminder of all the sweet stuff that comes with the year-long WGT Premier Membership:

      • Double XP on all games played
      • Double Country Club XP (when using a pass)
      • Extended 48-hour equipment rentals in the Pro Shop
      • Now carry up to 4 Country Club Passes
      • Country Club Passes generate every 4 hours
      • Free Green Fees for players
      • 1 free Scratcher per day when you're playing on mobile

      So what are WGT players saying about this new first-of-its-kind feature?

      "It pays itself off in the Long run!! tell the World!!!!!!" - UFCJohny
      "Turned my LIFE around." - Jimbog1964
      "It's like purchasing "golf swing insurance". Now, bad shots and missed putts are atoned with Double XP Points, and you don't feel so bad afterward." - Dneirf
      "Just got it and I love it. To level up twice as fast... plus double the XP for our club... top! If you can afford it, get it " - Bro200

      This could be you saying this!

      Upgrade to Premier

    LMFAO - Jimbog is famous and actively promoting...........................................

    Praise the lord, oh yeah.......I wonder if it will turn my life around if I pray (or is that pay) to the WGT Premier Golf God?

    The above was from the news fake news on WGT!

  • Jimbog1964
    8,378 Posts
    Tue, Sep 26 2017 12:56 PM

    Sleeve of L90 blacks gets a personalised account of my epiphany

  • cowboytux
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 1:11 PM

    I bought it because I wanted it Not to level up faster. But to play cabo whistler with no green fees and free passes it will save me over two Hundred a year And since I can't back up  a U-Haul up to my grave i'LL spend it how I see fit to. this is my 2 cents worth.

  • drmoose
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 1:15 PM

    Lol. " This could be you saying this ". Yeah, if flying pigs wearing lipstick were part of my normal reality, oh wait, there goes one now, aw shucks, it was only on WGT.

    Doc :)

  • alanti
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    Tue, Sep 26 2017 1:15 PM


    Sleeve of L90 blacks gets a personalised account of my epiphany

    LMAO....chance of a lifetime this smart, and you might get a bidding war:)