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Post Your Best Replays Here!

Tue, Jan 23 2024 6:21 PM (3,474 replies)
  • WGTalex
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 12:09 PM

    Got a hole-in-one, 100+ ft putt, or an incredible eagle you can't wait to share with everyone? You can post it here on this thread.

    To post a link to your replay, use this prefix:

    And insert the replay ID at the end. Example: e6516dd7-f80a-4146-97fa-9c6f016a51d9

    The replay ID can be found in the URL field of the replay screen: Click here for an example.

    If you can't see your URL field you can watch your own replay and click the SHARE button that appears at the bottom or in the silver box that pops up after the replay is over.  Type your own email address into the box and click SEND.  When the email arrives in your inbox just copy and paste the entire link into your post.

    You can also just point people to your profile page.

    Look forward to seeing those replays!

  • Joeyola
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 1:07 PM

    Not sure what I did, but I was able to see both of your shots. Got my first HIO a while back....

    I know what you mean about putting on BPB #15.  I avoid the back side of that green at all costs.  Even hitting my second to the end of the fairway that gives me a pretty easy 50 or 60 yarder up the hill to the pin...walking away happy with par.  But I'm sure you figured that out already. 

    What I try to do for those long side hills is set my distance on the hole (+or -) then move the aiming point to the apex of the slope (forgetting about the number on the aiming point) then hit the putt at the apex.  Wish this game gave us a practice putting green...maybe in the future.

  • Flyinturtle
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 1:09 PM   140 yrds for eagle 10mph head wind #9 at bethpage

  • Flyinturtle
    262 Posts
    Tue, Sep 1 2009 1:11 PM

    sorry not sure how to link it

  • speedyschic
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 1:29 PM

    replay.aspx?ID=225fa71d0d 2356 43a1 bfed 9c6a016fd9e4

    This is not an eagle but it is within a foot or so and it is on the toughest hole on Earth. I'm sure someone has Eagled BPB #15. That would be nice 2 C.

  • BgSuperstar10
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 1:38 PM

    Not sure how to post the link, but if you look at my profile i think my best replay would be the seconed one the bottom at bethpage...Enjoy. ;)

  • edchavez
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 2:11 PM

    Hole-In-One on the 14th hole at Bethpage.! I got the hole-in-one on my 5th day of being a member of WGT.! Whoo-Hoo

  • scoresby
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 2:33 PM

    Did I hit the part of a tree that was not oxygen?

    a passing butterfly?

    a plane separating me from a parallel universe?

    What have I done?


  • hesomist
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 2:39 PM

    193-yd eagle on #11 BPB during the US Open qualifying rounds

    2nd shot on #2 (par 5) at Kiawah.  I didn't know if my shot would clear the hazard, so I aimed at the bridge just in case.  Result...262 yd shot with the TS 3-wood. :-)

    Mark 12:30