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Long bunker shots. (over 100 yds.)

Fri, Jan 19 2024 10:55 PM (12 replies)
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  • bwsq
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    Tue, Feb 21 2023 1:24 PM


    try punch shot with 3 Iron it helps 


    It helps you double bogey

  • Tappers27
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    Wed, Jan 3 2024 2:05 AM


  • dragonmouse
    24 Posts
    Fri, Jan 19 2024 10:55 PM

    I have found that most times a punch shot from an iron 7-8-9 will many times get me out of the sand and back on the green with the longest shots.  Doesn't work out of brush or fescue usually then I just stick with the wedges. I havn't figured out what makes some work and others not, but after time there is a pattern and you can pick out certain situations where it works well. Short doglegs, and those greens with a lot of sand traps around them as when it works there is a lot more control on landing.  Just my 2cp


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