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Sat, Aug 6 2016 8:39 PM (29 replies)
  • TinysTeeShot
    1,513 Posts
    Sat, Jul 30 2016 10:33 PM

    Tiny 3+2 over Guido

    Was a great match Guido, glad to have met you!


  • Chris1973M
    1,832 Posts
    Tue, Aug 2 2016 6:25 AM

       Sorry to hear about the your friends son, Paul...and happy belated birthday bud.... hope i can get hooked up with CrustyDemon this week to get our match play round in.. have a gr8 week ev1.


  • Chris1973M
    1,832 Posts
    Tue, Aug 2 2016 6:28 AM

    sounds fair to me Paul

  • Chris1973M
    1,832 Posts
    Tue, Aug 2 2016 6:29 AM

      Okay . Both CC's have had a member leave their respective CC's since the start of our event . Typically something like this always happens . Usually a replacement ( off the injured reserve list )  or where ever you can find one . Is brought in for the match to be able to be played . 

      In this case our member that exited the CC . TinysTeeShot . says he still, is very much wanting to honor his round . He reports that he has made many efforts to contact his match up . Good I hope they play . 

      The other guy MDJohnE is gone and now is your chance to inquire or pick a replace for him so their match can be successful . 

        In the past . If equal efforts are made by the individual match ups . And end up not getting their round played . We end up calling it a draw . However if it is obvious the the player from one CC has made significant more effort to contact their match up . The other guy just isn't responding or putting out the effort . The diligent one of the two will win by forfeit . 

      Sound fair enough ?