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Profile pics

Thu, Feb 4 2021 10:55 AM (107 replies)
  • piztaker
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    Mon, Dec 27 2010 12:58 PM

    I see a lot of dodgy pics have been removed over Christmas. Well done WGT.

  • borntobesting
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    Wed, Dec 29 2010 10:57 AM


    I see a lot of dodgy pics have been removed over Christmas. Well done WGT.

    yes a lot of the ones that were more closely related to porn are gone but there are still quite a few bad ones still on. 

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    Fri, Dec 31 2010 4:32 AM

    Hey people. I sent WGT an E-mail concerning this a while back. The reply i got was, children shouldnt be playing this game as its for over 18,s. In other words, if children are seeing this type of thing, its theyre fault. Maybe WGT have wised up a bit, and started to remove these pics. By the way, i love to admire the female form as much as any Female admirer, but this aint no place for it. To those of you who have these pictures on the profiles, WISE UP, and think of the little ones who watch the game been played by others.

  • wsmd
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    Mon, Jan 3 2011 9:31 PM

    .......... the more we protest against it the more likelyhood WGT will do something about it.....  if your attractive with a pretty smile thats fine, but we dont really need the body parts thanks.........

  • mantis0014
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    Fri, Jan 7 2011 6:08 PM

    Hi There

    I was just thinking about this same subject last week and was suprised at the amount of 'xxx' pics out there and also wondering how they were allowed to have them, getting past the WGT police if there is something like Nice looking at them (within reason).

    I not really fussed, as alot of me mates will tell ya all that I'm not a clean it is getting outa hand lately. I am surprised also at the required age to start a profile. Golf is world wide game played by people of all ages and my kids play this game and I'm sure alot of young kids play the game too.

    We just have to be careful at what we allow to happen i suppose, I don't think we can stop people posting these type of pics if they want to.



  • JeffGooch
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    Sat, Jan 8 2011 7:04 PM

    tallnhot isnt helpful either.  It just highlights the fact that someone is posting a risque pic.  Sure you dont have to go looking for them, but i thought this site was about golf.

  • TarheelsRule
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    Thu, Jan 13 2011 11:47 AM

    I tend to disagree, WGT blacking out the photo as you show above is the best way to do it.  That way if someone wishes to post and / or see a risque photo they can do so.  If a child is watching you play they won't see it.

  • cmaster136
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    Sat, Jan 15 2011 10:11 AM

    I'm more ticked about the sexual BS that is spewed as chat during games, not what is being said but the fact that they spend so much time chatting that I have to sit and wait for them to shoot. It is really bad when you have 3 people doing it and they each take all the allotted time to shoot because they are chatting.

  • LizzieRossetti
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    Sat, Jan 15 2011 8:18 PM

    Actually,you don't have to sit and wait so long,if chatting and sociability is not your thing,then you can opt for the 30 second(I think) timer,which allows you to just rush in and get it over with so that you can leave wgt more quickly and get on with the pressingly urgent things that you really wanted to be doing instead.Or you could play alone,to your hearts content and take only as long as you wish to make each shot and move quickly on.

    Unfortunately perhaps, the human species in the main is predisposed to interraction,and to some that very interraction is one of the chief reasons for engaging in a game such as this,with the added bonus of a game of virtual golf on the side.

    So you see,this site has on offer a veritable panopoly of choices,which ones one makes should be suited to ones own personal preference,and that way,one does not tip over the cart,which contains apples.

    Which brings like a rumble on a quiet night,those scenes from Chicago car chase movies where errant baddies roar without care nor caution through backstreet markets which always seem to have street vendors engaged in moving rails of clothing across the busy yet narrow alleys,just at the very moment a speeding car enters stage left,the clothing on the rails nicely obscuring the ever present apple cart from the drivers view.No wonder the poor driver knocks all the apples off,I blame the clothes vendor,perhaps the City fathers should look into awareness training,or at the very least,have the moviemakers leaflet the street markets to let them know they will be filming soon.This way,all that mess could be avoided,the risk of personal injury lessened,and the clothes on the rail would not have to be retrieved from speeding windscreens or indeed laundered before sale was possible.Imagine the loss of profit involved in all of that.

    I was in Chicago one time and decided to take the El and get off randomely to witness a car chase,but there were none to be found and I ended up with a man following me under deserted underpasses with brown paper bags dusting themselves down in tumbles along the grey icy streets,and somewhere there was a door banging which made me wonder at how soon,someone would have to do something about that.Things got worse quickly however,because a frieght train derailed in the rockies,so my train had to go to Sacremento via Denver and Salt lake city but in the end stopped at Reno where someone was sick.I did however,and this is a top traveller tip,find that the disabled toilets on the train afforded much more room to carry out necessary functions than the regular ones,which did not allow one to fully close the door AND get ones knees inside at the same time.


  • StrangeMagic
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    Sun, Jan 16 2011 10:04 AM

    Lizzie is starting to make perfect sense to me.....

    Would this be considered an omen?