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If you can't hit the white line....

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Fri, Jun 19 2009 9:50 PM (8 replies)
  • TXBowhunter
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    Fri, Jun 12 2009 9:31 AM can not sink putts.

    It seems like if you are just a fraction off, it wants to pull or push the putts like a shank.  Doesn't matter how good of a green reader you are. 


    I know it shouldn't be modified prior to the Open being played....but really.  It does need to be made more realistic in future versions.

  • rappar30
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    Fri, Jun 12 2009 10:10 AM

    I agree. I've played various golf games on my PC and I can attest to the fact that the set-up for putting on this is not very fair. It seems just as easy to make a 25 ft. as it is a 5 ft. putt. Based on other games,i.e. Tiger Woods, the margin of error or speed of the curser should be a little slower. However, I do like the virtual pics of the courses.

  • iconian
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    Mon, Jun 15 2009 1:49 AM


  • JGates
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    Tue, Jun 16 2009 11:08 AM

    the shorter the putt the more forgiving it can be.  If you are off on a putt from 25 feet, don't expect it to go in, and it shouldn't.  You have to hit your approach shot close to give yourself a shot.  I can usually still put it within 1-2 feet from 35 feet, which I think is pretty damn good.  We can't all hole every putt from 30 feet.  Wouldn't be any fun.

  • anotherhook
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    Thu, Jun 18 2009 3:34 AM

    I don't know what it was like before whatever changes were made, but to me the putting seems fair - the line moves slower for shorter putts making it easier to hit square on the line - Anything outside 6 feet is going to miss if you dont hit it straight. Ever try sinking a putt on a real course with a mistimed stroke outside 2 metres? 6 ft is still a hard putt in real golf - and this is supposed to replicate golf as much as you can on a computer.

    I think we have been conditioned by other games to think we should knock in everything in a 20 ft radius around the hole. Making the game easier takes away from the talents of those who are getting it right.

    Sorry if that seems harsh, but I really like this game, and I hate it when things get stuffed around in an effort to make everybody happy

  • chiefgotch
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    Fri, Jun 19 2009 12:20 PM

    OK- explain to me how I am in the PRO Tier and have only broken par once or twice.

    The leader of the weekly stroke play tournament in the HACKER tier just shot a

    29.  My best in this tournament is a 34.

  • chiefgotch
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    Fri, Jun 19 2009 12:22 PM

    The line moves faster for the putter than it does for any club.  The hardest club in the bag to hit and

    control for any player is the Driver, not the putter.

  • Ubisir
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    Fri, Jun 19 2009 9:42 PM

    Mr Gates: I find I have gotten used to this new putter, and it is true that a mistimed shot will miss.  But it's forced me to concentrate more.  I have added the R9 Driver and 3W to my bag, and their shot meters are fast.  What that's done is the rest of my clubs are now easier to hit straight, including my putter, because I've had to get accustomed to the fast swing on my woods. By comparison, the other clubs' swing is now slow, and the putter is manageable.  I find that since I can hit putts in the sweet spot more often, I have learned to read the greens better, since I have fewer mis-hits that are throw-aways and can't be learned from. 



  • Ubisir
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    Fri, Jun 19 2009 9:50 PM

    Just watched your replays.  That shot on Bethpage #8 was wild, the ball hit the top of the flag. 

    The next one where your chip wrapped around the flagstick...  I've had many with that would have stuck on a real course. It was explained to me that the pin makes the ball bounce off.  But in reality I believe it helps deaden the shot and trap the ball so it drops in, better than if the stick was not in the hole.  They should adjust this to allow more speed to fall in, at least the same as a putt.