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I think that you are ...

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Mon, Aug 4 2014 3:40 PM (12 replies)
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  • jayw4862
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    Mon, Aug 4 2014 10:46 AM

    There are many lower scores than those two. But, why is this even important? Who cares? And, why would anyone care?

    In that same thought process, the greens in regulation, putting %, fairways in regulation (par 5's), dist. to pin (par 5's only, as there is none in Par 3), birdies, eagles (par 5's) and not to forget hole-in-ones. If the score is not included on the Best of 3 and 5, then the other stats are shouldn't, either. If a half-way decent player, using (even using starter clubs) played the par 5's only, every single day, they would have killer FIR, GIR, Dist. to pin, 1 putt%, 3, 4, or 5 times as many birdies as pars, and thus stats that don't truly speak of that player's ability.


  • DrSlick
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    Mon, Aug 4 2014 11:07 AM


    There are many lower scores than those two. But, why is this even important? Who cares? And, why would anyone care?

    Exactly - I like to look at a player's stats prior to a cc vs cc match. I can tell you I have never looked at their "lowest scores" section. There are other stats that "to me" are very important. Now, I am sure others have their own stats they look at as well(if they are a stat stalker like me - lol). But I look at:

    #1- one putt % - pretty hard to argue that all the "elites" are well over 60% or so

    #2 - # of birdies/#of bogies ratio - again - the elites are in that 15+:1 ratio

    #3 - what is their match play record against legends and TLs - not always accurate, but the really good players play those well under pressure and have an 85%+ winning % against legends. 

    #4 - par 3 averages are hard to fake no matter what course you are playing

    Those are just some of the stats that I like to follow - it will be different than others. 






  • frappefort
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    Mon, Aug 4 2014 11:31 AM

    I understand  what you all mean take in this is .......... the only important thing for me is  to better one self at this game ,and playing a 23  or less  on a par 3 course  only get me to try to better my score of 23 .     I know it is virtual  but playing well and scoring low is still difficult in my book ................and this is why  I still try hard .. it is all fun ,and I never compare  the real live golf  to this great game, it is after all the closes thing to the real thing.  .     Frapp       

  • jayw4862
    3,364 Posts
    Mon, Aug 4 2014 12:12 PM

    Nope havn't figured that one out yet .

    I'm in that same boat :-)

    Although, after this post, I did take a look at my 2 lowest scoring rounds, and I have a 52. Now, I have to go play the full 18 par 3 for no reason, other than to get a 40-something. Just kidding. I won't waste any balls or time trying to better that one.

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