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Intro Page needed

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Fri, Nov 7 2008 9:07 AM (1 replies)
  • glhadiator
    39 Posts
    Fri, Nov 7 2008 7:57 AM

     Since I have joined I read all the forum posts regularly. New players are experiencing the same frustrations I did when I first began playing computer golf years ago. At first I felt that it was stupid and didn't play like real golf at all. The more I played the more I realized how wrong I was.

    But there is no reason new players should have to go through the frustration part of not knowing what this or that means or how to do it (or why). The practice part yes! But not the frustrating part. You'll lose new players before they figure it out.

    Much of the information new players need is somewhere in the WGT site/world. The trick is finding it! And I bet you admins get tired of a barrage of the same questions to answer over and over. Which of course is an indication that the current system used to search for information isn't working very well.

    An introductory page serves as a brief manual/set of instructions. It can list links to all the places in the site to find information they are seeking, thus eliminating the need for you to instruct each person where to find it on the site. It can offer insight as to why the game 'plays' the way it does so they will stick with it long enough to realize what those of us that have played a lot of computer golf already know; it has a very realistic 'feel' to it.

    This could also be the place to instruct players how to tweak their system to obtain better game performance. I imagine you lose a lot of members simply because they didn't know they can make little adjustments to their system to improve play. How many players out there know that you can tweak performance in the options selection? From the forum posts I'm guessing not very many.

    I'm a tech by profession. When we expose a person to a new system we start with the assumption that they know nothing about it and must be told everything. It saves a lot of time and frustration later.

    I suppose another option is to create a WIKI page. With many game sites this has become the popular option because the WIKI is designed for tech/instruction manual creation (as I'm sure you know).

    Perhaps you could recruit some members to do this for you. I bet there would be a long list of applicants.

    Well, it's just a suggestion...


  • WGTadmin
    1,165 Posts
    Fri, Nov 7 2008 9:07 AM

     Great idea, let us see what we can do. Thanks for contributing and helping us.