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Reality Check

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Wed, Jun 3 2009 12:09 PM (2 replies)
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    Wed, Jun 3 2009 11:27 AM

    Dear Wgt,

    Love this game. I think it is one of the most unique ever.

    However the new updates and BPB course is far from any real life golf there is.

    Pros hit par 5's in 2 or at least get close. We are lucky to get within 100 yds on the par 4's.

    Pros would never use a driver on a par 3. On # 3 of BPB if the wind is against you the green is unreachable.

    There is not a fairway on the PGA circuit that can't be reached. But on some of the BPB holes if the wind is contrary or you hit a slight mishit your in the sand or rough or weeds.

    I could handle the varying effects of the wind and elevation on different shots if I just had the ability to reach what feels like unreachable odds.

    I have already quit playing with groups due to not being able to score. I have bought updated clubs but am about ready to close my account and ask for a refund.

    Please help.

  • monkeyass
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    Wed, Jun 3 2009 12:09 PM

    Good luck on the refund (don't get your hopes up [never gonna happen]), but give the game a chance.  It's about course management.  Yes the clubs should hit it a little farther (helping to get to the fairways) but you will still be laying up on some par 4's.

    I want longer clubs, but when has golf ever been easy?

  • FrankAnderson
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    Wed, Jun 3 2009 12:09 PM

    Hey dawg, I wondered why you fell off the radar. Nomad and I miss our morning threesomes. Agree with everything you wrote. Wish you the best. Frank