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Tue, Jun 30 2009 2:28 PM (20 replies)
  • Snaike
    3,678 Posts
    Sun, Jun 21 2009 11:24 AM

    Hi Chubbs... did you save the replay of the 414?

    Your stats say your longest is 240.


  • ciri93
    7 Posts
    Sun, Jun 21 2009 12:31 PM

    It's B.S that when you purchase a ping g10 driver (and irons) and it still only goes 235 yds. and 255 with a 13 mph wind behind your back. I am almost 50 years old and still hit it 260-270 yds in the real world. These clubs should at least allow 275 yds max without wind to be more realistic. Come WGT fix this flaw.

  • Snaike
    3,678 Posts
    Sun, Jun 21 2009 1:13 PM

    As been stated all over the forums... the restricted length of the clubs is to offset the super-human accuracy.  If you want 300 drives like the pros, you have to accept 70% fairways and 60% greens.

    Most of us like the fact that they (WGT) have chosen accuracy over distance.

    If you want both, Links2003 or any TWoods game.

  • ciri93
    7 Posts
    Sun, Jun 21 2009 5:32 PM

    That makes absolutely no sense on a course like BPB...Why not penalize those who go for more distance with a faster and narrower click point for accuracy? The course is supposed to mimic the U.S Open, but we get pea shooter club lengths...WTF!?

  • nivlac
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    Sun, Jun 21 2009 8:57 PM

    Since the vast majority of us are dealing with it, why can't you?

    The game isn't finished, BETA, etc etc.  Man I get tired of saying that.

  • nickuk
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    Mon, Jun 22 2009 2:50 AM

    chubbs.... 414 yrd drive!!! ure tellin porkires! is that a typo?

  • ciri93
    7 Posts
    Tue, Jun 23 2009 5:24 PM


    No offense, but I have an opinion and I'm entitled to it...You need to deal with it...And if you get tired of saying something---then stop saying it...

  • Snaike
    3,678 Posts
    Tue, Jun 23 2009 7:08 PM

    You're right, Ciri93, you do have a right to your opinion.

    However, if you had taken just a second to search the forums you would have seen 17 gazillion posts whining about the distances on the clubs.  Also, there are just as many responses.

    And yes, like nivlac, I am also tired of seeing the whining about the distances.  That's my opinion and I'm entitled to it... you need to deal with it.

  • blastoid
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    Wed, Jun 24 2009 1:49 PM

    I feel the club length is OK,  now that you can play bethpage at your level tee, you can hit all the fairways unless you get a bad wind.  In terms of distance over accuracy, I acutal would like a little less accuracy with the driver.   I like the challenge of ending up in odd places off the drive and i end up on the fairlways over 90% of the time.  I hope the plan is to make some drivers that give you some more distance (250-260 avg) but are a lot more diffiuclt to keep on the fairway. Then you could cary 2 drivers. A longer wild driver and the shorter standard driver which can function like a pro hitting a 3wood off the tee.  This would make the game more fun in my opinion.

  • zer09ine
    21 Posts
    Tue, Jun 30 2009 1:58 PM

    I just wish we could NOT be foreced to play it in multiple player mode! I'd like to get back to playing the courses I can ACTUALLY play. I'm in pro mode and can't par some of the of the holes. ridiculous.