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AB's Putting Guide-My Secrets 2018 Update

Thu, Feb 18 2021 8:24 AM (81 replies)
  • pdiehm
    211 Posts
    Mon, Dec 21 2020 9:28 AM

    it's getting that landing spot that's the issue.  I try to hole out.  Side breaking putts suck.  Big suck.  Downhill side breakers suck worse.  lol.

    For the first time, my 1 putt is higher than my 2 putt.  Been a long journey to get there.

  • BeezNutz82
    17 Posts
    Thu, Feb 18 2021 8:24 AM

    So I was actually doing the same math to the distance downhill as well when it's over 3" down, it seems to be working as I have always struggled with anything over stemp 10 speed greens.