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AB's Putting Guide-My Secrets 2018 Update

Mon, Nov 6 2023 5:47 AM (87 replies)
  • pdiehm
    285 Posts
    Mon, Dec 21 2020 9:28 AM

    it's getting that landing spot that's the issue.  I try to hole out.  Side breaking putts suck.  Big suck.  Downhill side breakers suck worse.  lol.

    For the first time, my 1 putt is higher than my 2 putt.  Been a long journey to get there.

  • BeezNutz82
    17 Posts
    Thu, Feb 18 2021 8:24 AM

    So I was actually doing the same math to the distance downhill as well when it's over 3" down, it seems to be working as I have always struggled with anything over stemp 10 speed greens. 

  • padles
    96 Posts
    Mon, Dec 13 2021 7:26 PM

    I wish someone can tell me how to get WGT to respond to posts provided on their web site.  I've tried several times and never get a response.

  • padles
    96 Posts
    Mon, Dec 13 2021 8:01 PM

    Sir, I agree with you in general, but if you hit the ball exactly on  the dingy, allowing for the wind speed and direction and aim correctly, the ball should not veer out of bounds.  However, this happens fairly often.  In real life golf, if this happens every time  you hit the ball it would always land on the fairway. but this isn't possible.  The only feasible conclusion one can be the built-in program WGT uses under the false notion to make the game more realistic. It's absolutely impossible to use math to accomplish this.  The only useful thing this built in  program is that it generates income for WGT.  Now that I've said this I realize WGT will and does deny this false manipulation of the otherwise great game.  I also I realize that some of you like yourself  will support their denials because you are lucky enough to overcome the game's manipulation and seem to attack any one who has the courage to complain about the game's faults, as your post is doing. They obviously get away with their abuse only because its the only game in town. Their greed for money proves the adage that "the love for money in the root for most problems," (paraphrased).

  • Tepi62Ka
    321 Posts
    Thu, Dec 30 2021 10:25 PM

    WGT also makes us looks like clowns...When you hit your drive, main goal is to get fairway. Then you can realize that wind change its getting more back wind...means you can say farewll your ball. Best example is Pebble Beach, hole 7 or 8, par4. Yesterday 2 balls byee byee.

  • DAGolfer
    11 Posts
    Sat, Aug 13 2022 5:42 AM

    Been a client of WGT since 2009 and haven't gotten a response yet and believe I have sent over 100 posts.


  • fiorange
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    Mon, Dec 19 2022 12:46 PM

    grazieThanks for the tips, but putting is still a bad part of the game. If I have downhill terrain, I hit hard 10 (for example) and do 20, that's fine, but the next pitch I'm uphill, if I hit hard 10 I have to do less than 10, I can't do 15, that's one thing which doesn't make any sense

  • Lacoolj1
    46 Posts
    Mon, Nov 6 2023 5:47 AM

    You have a formula or equation and/or easy to follow spreadsheet? I understand the distance, elevation, and even counting the dots but the moving flagstick over to left/right I am confused.