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New Courses

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Tue, Mar 10 2009 2:01 PM (16 replies)
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  • PaulCouples
    348 Posts
    Wed, Oct 29 2008 7:34 AM

    I realise that there are 1000's of courses to choose from to add to this game but heres a couple of suggestions of a couple of courses that i like.

    The first is Heron point on Hilton Head.This is the old Ocean course i believe ?

    Secondly i would like to recommend Hampton Hall SC.Just off Hilton Head and another Pete Dye course.This i think would be a great addition to WGT and is also a great course to play for real.

  • Rhett14
    2 Posts
    Tue, Dec 23 2008 7:38 AM

     I don't care which courses as long as we get new courses its a little boring playing 1 course all the time

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Tue, Dec 23 2008 7:54 AM

    Rhett, welcome to the WGT! 

    Two brand new courses are on the way along with the final 9 at Kiawah.

    Nice avatar. :D

    32 Posts
    Wed, Dec 24 2008 6:51 AM

    I will be happy to see a full 18 on rhis as well as a new course or two. This would give a chance to have regularly scheduled team play and maybe adding team tournaments as an option

  • TheLady
    3 Posts
    Sun, Dec 28 2008 4:29 PM

    Just joined. This site is awesome, it will only get better with time. Can hardly wait to see more courses.

  • Joshua0977
    16 Posts
    Mon, Dec 29 2008 6:42 PM

     Just wanted to say THANKS!!  Joined WGT early December.  Its an awesome experience and I'm anxiously awaiting new courses, equipment, etc..  Keep up the excellent work! 

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Thu, Jan 8 2009 8:14 AM

    In case you guys haven't seen the WGT Newsletter today, here is an excerpt from it:

    Back Nine of The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

    In the coming weeks WGT is planning to release the back 9 holes of The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. This will mark our first full 18-hole course from tee-to-green. Stay tuned for additional courses in the works and the ability to use new clubs that will further enhance your experience at WGT. We have big plans for 2009 and we look forward to sharing more good news with you as the year progresses.

    Um...woo? :D


  • DeerRun
    230 Posts
    Thu, Jan 8 2009 10:46 AM

    When I saw the e-mail that the back 9 was added made by day. Right now I am jumping for joy!  The entire staff here does a great job.  This site is the best. I can hardly wait.




  • BiRdyKiNg
    30 Posts
    Thu, Jan 8 2009 2:24 PM

     First off i would like to say....sweet....will be fun new challenge to have a completed course.   Email was fairly vague......coming weeks.....any GM give a little better estimation?  Feb, march..etc?


  • TeddyBearTed
    2 Posts
    Sat, Jan 10 2009 2:09 PM

    Totally brilliant news from WGT,can`t wait for the back nine of Kiawah or Pinehurst or Golfwolf Creek awesome site gameplay 10/10, thanks to all at WGT.

    P.S. Carnoustie or the home of golf St Andrews would be nice for us Europeans thanks again WGT keep up the good work 

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