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Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier Winner Announced, and more...

Fri, Nov 26 2021 12:50 PM (192 replies)
  • overtheedge
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    Tue, Jun 25 2019 7:31 AM

    BACK ON MOD.????


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  • overtheedge
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    Tue, Jun 25 2019 7:33 AM


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  • overtheedge
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    Tue, Jun 25 2019 7:39 AM

    It is,,, whatever it is     Wondering emoticon  but just out of curiosity I wanted to "understand" WHY I was put back on moderation without breaking any posting guideline?


    What was I thinking. WGT hasn't a clue WHY I was put back on mod sooo what is the appropriate, fair, professional, straight up thing to do ??? DO NOT RESPOND.

  • Zippy13
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    Thu, Jun 27 2019 10:16 AM

    I get ya, I see scores form players that are 3 days old and registered in a tourney as a hack or amateur and shoot 59. They are all just mini accounts, and yes this is against tos. The little accounts more then likely, after that, gift the real account the prizes, balls, whatever.


  • BronxBarrons154
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    Thu, Jun 27 2019 10:02 PM


    Congratulations to the winner. I find it totally unreal  that anyone could shoot a 52 at Pebble beach with out cheating. I guess winning is more important than integrity. All of you jerks that have learned how to cheat this game should be disqualified. Anyone that shoots under 59 should prove their game is legit.  Congratulations again on learning how to cheat the game. How does it feel , what did you accomplish . Not a damn thing . Other than to show us you know how to cheat.

    I appreciate what you are saying but I also acknowledge going low... real low is a distinct possibility.  Some have played “hundreds” or maybe even “thousands” of rounds; have come to know the courses and the greens like the back of their hand.

     I would imagine it also helps to have the best or near best equipment in your bag.  I have watched the youtube vids of some of the “WGT savants” who hit approach shot after approach shot and most of them stop on a dime... a few feet from the cup.

     I have decent equipment but consistently find, I can have “166” to the hole... hit a mid-iron, with full back spin,  “165,” below the hole; only to have the ball roll 30+ feet past the hole... (elevation does not matter).

     I am resigned to the fact... 3.5 precision ain’t cutting it on tournament speed greens.

    So... as far as this U.S. Open Qualifier is concerned, I have played a few rounds with no expectations of challenging the WGT course record.  Playing for fun and experience works for me at this stage of the game.  ­čśÇ


  • Stobsbee
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    Wed, Jul 3 2019 3:16 PM

    I find it totally unreal  that anyone could shoot a 52 at Pebble beach with out cheating.

    Not a 52 but it's close, Here is a couple of people shooting 53's. I, and perhaps a few others, would be grateful if you could point out to us all exactly where the cheating is going on here.



  • DodgyPutter
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    Wed, Jul 3 2019 3:35 PM

    Not a 52 but it's close, Here is a couple of people shooting 53's.

    There was a 52

     next to the first one.

  • MBaggese
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    Sat, Jul 6 2019 7:59 PM


  • HappyHoleHunter
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    Mon, Jul 29 2019 3:10 AM

    I finished 32nd in the Open, my first year qualifying. Had a shocker of a first round and a shocker of a last round, it happens. But I’m damn proud to be one of very few on that leaderboard playing the mobile version of the game. I play exclusively on an iPad Pro with a calculator as my only friend. This version of the game is completely incorruptible. On an average round I’ll ding it two or three times. Often these are mis hits!

    I know some guys use wind charts or a ruler like Young46, but seriously, this is not cheating! I use percentages for wind and spin calculations based on a database of experience I’ve built up. Sure, I take notes. I take it seriously. Am I a cheat?

    Players that throw crap at others because of their own lack of ability, imagination, obvious poor maths literacy and general laziness to take notes do not even deserve air space here. Go away.

    Only thing I’d like is a few Major’s and some regular Ready go’s for mobile users only. But for the meantime I’ll just keep working on my game to see if I can get up there with the big names that have put so much work into their games.


  • ajs55man
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    Thu, Aug 1 2019 5:48 AM

    Well I certainly won't bother entering. It does seem you don't have to put much effort in....just hit calc and ruler and hey presto birdie.....