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Thu, May 21 2009 6:38 AM (13 replies)
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  • Laseter
    8 Posts
    Tue, Mar 31 2009 3:14 PM

    Hi friends...I have tryed to play 5 games in the last hour.   All 5 of my opponents quit by the 3rd hole.   Not only did they quit, but they did'nt even say anything....What a waste of my time !   So worried about your rating you can not even be polite.   HOw SAD !

    This is an update on my Quitter post.  I think WGT should instill some sort of penalty for all these quitters who are ruining all my games because they want to preserve they're rating...While I am struggling to play better and make the cut, there are those whom chose to waste my time by quitting because they are having a bad game.  For those of you who I am talking about, please do not play with me unless you intend to finish what you start.    For the rest of you whom chose to play an honest game, please look me up.

  • Mainiack
    79 Posts
    Tue, Mar 31 2009 4:02 PM

    i wish i could say its was was just a bad coincidence but there are as many cheaters (quitters) in this game as any multiplayer game i have ever seen.  I really like the game so i keep playing and hope things might change. There are some real fine people here, but i'm afraid you have to wade through the cheaters to find them. Enjoy the game and may your patience for this nonsense be better than mine

  • deadRED
    29 Posts
    Tue, Mar 31 2009 4:30 PM

    I'm new here and really enjoying the game. I don't understand how someone could cheat at this game. Are people hacking it? So far i've played with some good people.


  • Mainiack
    79 Posts
    Tue, Mar 31 2009 5:18 PM

    nobody is hacking it as far as i can tell, what i'm referring to is padding your score, sandbagging, any form of dishonesty in the game of golf in my estimation is cheating.  not all agree with my opinion on this nor due i expect them too.  @ 1 time this was referred to as a gentleman's game.  i haven't heard it referred to in that way in a very long time. wgt will not even delete obvious multiple account holders, or players that create accounts yet never play the game, look how many averages are 150,as in never played a game, but wgt will be hosting a virtual open next month, its based on marketing and advertising, honesty has no place in this game, it could change, i have hope.. very little but some

  • shankers99
    2 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2009 10:42 AM

    I have become an amateur a few weeks ago and my HCP has gone way up but I put in my scores but other amateurs I play with quit if they are having bad game and disconnect to keep their hcp down. Real golfers on real golf courses don't do that at least the one's I play against. Players have to realize this is only a game to have fun and buy some equipment.

  • GFORCE13
    9 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2009 12:23 PM

    I agree, quitting is an issue. I had my handicap nice and low, became an amateur and it went up for a bit, than down than back up to 73 and now is back to 70. But I finish my games even when my playing partner quits. I have had to bail when something comes up but I do a quit and save and I can resume the game as a single afterward. I have had people bail because they got a boggie on a hole, that is crazy. Having said all that, I have quit when the power bar is freezing causing me to hit shots all over the place.I agree that if someone is going to bail on you they should at least have enough courtesy to say they are bailing.





  • backspin63
    67 Posts
    Fri, Apr 3 2009 9:49 PM


    I too am guilty of stoping before a round is over, but it is not because of my score it is because of the system glitches! i think on behalf of most of the players most of us who do stop durring play its because of these reasons.. the load time slows down .. the game freezes.. the swing meter skips and freezes then speeds across the bar. It becomes frustrating! I now decline to play when three or more players start a game. It seems a game loads and is more smoother with one or two players sometimes with three.. untill the bugs get worked out it would be great to play with a foursome!

  • Ghostwulf
    20 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2009 12:23 AM

    The whole quitting thing sucks.  Sorry no other way to put it.  Yes I have gotten off ot quit if you will when I am having problems iwth the net or the glitches in the came are coming to frequently during a round.  Yet I have not quit when playing multi players. Even finishing a round by myself when everyone else has quit.  I don't mid losong it only makes me better in the long run. Plus it is nice to meet people from all over the world. I still believe that this is a game of honor and should be played that way.  I am willing to play with anyone, it matters not if your better or worse than me.  Anyone wants to play, let me know........... peace

  • Jeremiah2L
    28 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2009 5:58 AM

    I think what people here are not realizing is that many people on here play more video games than they do golf.  In a video game you use any advantage you can to get the best score...up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-B-A start ring a bell. By this code, quitting to pad your score is not cheating.
    In golf there is more honor to do things that are unwritten rules or a courtesy, so though the game allows you to quit and manipulate your handicap you don't. 

    There is also a the questionable practice of a low handicapper in golf in which you are forced to not take OVER a triple so that you can't raise your handicap on purpose and sandbag for future tournaments.  If you agree with this train of thought then you would rightfully not post a score with a big number on the card.

  • Lance999
    7 Posts
    Wed, May 20 2009 5:17 PM

    I just quit a game because the playing partner was trying to rush me and making comments so I became tired of his rudeness.  I don't apologise for quitting in this scenario.

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