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Scoring since update

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Mon, Apr 6 2009 2:15 PM (6 replies)
  • FreddyFox
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    Fri, Mar 27 2009 3:43 PM

    Just a curiosity question to all. What has been your lowest Closest-To-The-Hole score since the update (please list if you're Hack vs Amatuer) and what was it before the update?

    Just curious as to if the update has affected your scores as much as mine.

  • NASAgolfer
    96 Posts
    Fri, Mar 27 2009 5:08 PM


    69.07   Kaenon Polarized Open closest to hole (Kiawah Island)
    51.66   Week 13 closest to the hole (Kiawah Island)

    These were my best since I joined WGT back in October 2008 and those scores were made before the update (March 23rd?).  Before the update, I would always be able to get into the 80’s or now and then the 70’s (but not on one attempt!)

    Now, those days are over as scoring is more difficult due to wind and ball roll (before wind was not a factor and balls stuck just about where they landed).

    So it has affected my scores.  I was just lucky to get in some very good scores before the changes.

    What's my best after the update?  I don't know; but I shoot way into the 100's now.

  • Ghostwulf
    20 Posts
    Thu, Apr 2 2009 5:25 PM


    My scores have gone up as well.  I do like the changes, but some have such a more drastic affect that it throws you off.  My goal is to of course keep playing till I get use to the new changes.  My only concern is that the changes seem to vary, I mean you don't get the same reaction for the same shot under the same conditions.  Just for an example if I hit a shot perfect most of the time it pulls the ball left of target, but then every so often the ball will go right and yes I am talking about striking the ball from a level fairway.  But as I said for the most part, I do like the changes and can't wait for new ones and more courses.  WGT, you folks keep up the good work, I know you can't please all of us and you shouldnt try.  You have a good thing going here.



  • stickshrapnel
    5 Posts
    Thu, Apr 2 2009 8:30 PM

    I found my scores have gone up as well, though I appreciate the more realistic wind/roll factor even with it's frustarions.  I still hate the putting aspect of the game, it seems to rob me at every chance it gets when I'm putting for birdie, and I have no idea what "improvement" or difference the putter upgrade makes, I can't putt any better with the "Tour Starter" putter.  I can appreciate a built in random variance factor, but I think it's stilll too wide a variance; 2 identical shots (power/alignment/wind-speed & direction) should'nt  result in balls that end up 40+ft apart.


  • maxamus
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    Fri, Apr 3 2009 4:41 AM

     60s/70s before update

    120/150s after

    hopefully there will not be any new changes that drastically affect the game like this update before i can get used to this one.

  • DeerRun
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    Fri, Apr 3 2009 9:44 AM

    I have noticed my scores going up on the front nine at Kiawah since the last update yet that is probably me as I have been playing the back nine more.

  • FreddyFox
    60 Posts
    Mon, Apr 6 2009 2:15 PM

    It seems, just like everything else, that all fears and concerns pass re: this game. I guess it was just a matter of getting used to the changes. Putting's still an issue, but the physics of the game are sound. The only issue I had before was the fact that the updates were introduced in the middle of some tournaments, thus skewing towards those who posted scores prior to the update. Twas a little unfair, but my scores are back to what they were prior to the updates. All is well in WGT Land.