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Alternative to mouse control?

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Tue, Mar 3 2009 1:25 PM (2 replies)
  • tomab
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    Tue, Mar 3 2009 1:45 AM

    Controlling the game with a mouse, with or without cord is sometimes extremely difficult. Of course that is part of what separate good players from not so good players, but when I see some scores I believe that some use other devices for controlling the game.
    For instance, can you use a joystick instead of your mouse? And will that improve control?
    What about other "game controlling" hw like the hand-held controllers?

    I guess some of you young people out there have tested some alternatives. Have anyone any tips / recommendations?


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    Tue, Mar 3 2009 12:12 PM


    I use my Laptop because it has more ram than our home computer,so i have never tried this game with a mouse.would a better controller make that much difference tho as the way this game is setup at the moment if you hit what you would think was a perfect shot it can actually slice or hook wildly.

  • tomab
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    Tue, Mar 3 2009 1:25 PM

    With my mouse I find it difficult to hit perfect shot. When I see extremely low scores I wonder how that may be possible. At least they have to hit perfect.

    As you say the shot may vary even when you hit perfect. That is my experience in real golf too. A perfect shot sometimes ends up as an unlucky shot in real life, so I accept that in the game too. But the variation in length as a fixed yardage +/- is not as in real life. It is really more like a percentage of the distance you try to hit.

    But of course, when you aim against the wind, and hit it on the "wind side" of "perfect" and the ball still goes on the other side, something is wrong. But this release is only a beta, so hopefully that will be changed.