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Re: On desktop, light up the icon on the taskbar when it's my turn

Thu, May 23 2024 10:32 AM (11 replies)
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  • ScottHope
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    Wed, May 22 2024 12:40 AM


    I don't often play multiplayer games any more, but I definitely used to hear the 'your turn' sound.  However, having just read your posts I realised that during a showdown game today I actually didn't hear the sound.  I'm normally on the ball when it comes to play my shot, but because it was taking a long time to load (not a problem on my end, multi-player games always take time to load, doesn't happen when I play on my own) I wasn't as 'awake' as I would normally be, and I actually only had 25 seconds left to play my shot in one instance because I hadn't realised the game had finished loading, and there wasn't any sound to prompt me.

      That doesn't surprise me Mio. I tried to write a script for Cyrus to mute the sound when he's playing the game and unmute it when he's looking at another window, it worked to begin with, then failed.
      Now, I'm no AHK (AutoHotkey) whiz and I'm sure that someone else could do much better than me, but thinking of how the chat in the game becomes unavailable randomly and also breaks completely if I go into the settings, it seems that some things in the game are not very robust.

    Cyrus, my apologies to you for failing in my task to write a little app. I'll keep it on my To Do list in case I have a better idea.

  • cyrusthegreat
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    Thu, May 23 2024 10:32 AM

    No worries, Scott! I have a bit of AHK experience myself and it seems like a tricky project. I can certainly live with just keeping the sound on.

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