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Re: Trying to find a Country Club to belong to

Fri, May 10 2024 8:26 PM (7 replies)
  • jwasilenko
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    Mon, Mar 18 2024 8:10 AM

    Looking for a comfortable, friendly Country Club to call home?


  • GreenLaser
    186 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2024 6:28 AM

    You'd be welcome in Insidious.

    Here's a link that will give you an idea of what our club is about.


  • callaghan159
    6,244 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2024 9:07 AM

    QUESTION you have to have discord to be a member.  My wife would kill me if I started chating while I play this game, and 2nd question, do members actually play each other. Please don't say yes we play each other when it actually doesn't happen. I'm on the east coast and a every day player. Thx.

  • GreenLaser
    186 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2024 11:23 AM

    No, you don't have to use Discord.  I don't use it. Insidious is about letting members enjoy the game as they see fit.  Low pressure. The main requirement is to have fun.

    Insidious members do play each other, maybe not as much as many members would prefer.  We're not a large club, so not many members are online at the same time.  Members use the Insidious chat to ask for games sometimes.

  • Ladychipper
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    Fri, Mar 22 2024 8:49 AM
  • Next260
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    Sun, Apr 7 2024 11:36 AM

    Simpatico Springs

  • tnivka
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    Wed, Apr 10 2024 2:41 PM

    The one I belong to is, oddly enough, called "A Comfortable Club."

  • FairwayPhantom32
    3 Posts
    Fri, May 10 2024 8:26 PM

    Beyond the Green