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Re: Incorrect club distance displayed

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Mon, Dec 4 2023 11:16 AM (2 replies)
  • cyrusthegreat
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    Sun, Dec 3 2023 10:12 AM

    Usually in coin games, my driver distance is displayed as 303 yards, from the base distance and my apparel bonus.

    However, in two recent Showdown Royale rounds, the listed distance was different. For one round on Erin Hills, it was 299, and for one round on Bethpage Black, it was 293. On other rounds of the same event, it was the normal 303.

    My listed 3-wood distance was also reduced (I don't remember the exact numbers), but my irons were fine. I wear apparel that increases my 3-wood distance, but none that affects my iron distance.

    I am absolutely certain that my clubs and apparel were exactly the same in every round. I did change my balls from rocks to fancier balls, but other rounds with the good balls had 303 listed.

    This seemed to be a cosmetic issue, as the distance I actually hit the ball seemed normal, but I'm not 100% certain since I don't usually play with the better balls.

  • cyrusthegreat
    83 Posts
    Sun, Dec 3 2023 1:10 PM

    (By the way, what would it take to get the "first few posts" delay removed? I've been a member forever, have over 60 forum posts, and have never said anything rude or otherwise requiring moderation!)

  • Squatch031
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    Mon, Dec 4 2023 11:16 AM

    I have noticed the same on occasion.  I play coin games as well as a lot of bracket tournaments so I do use a lot of apparel bonus clothing, only 12 additional yards on my driver and 10 additional yards on my three wood. This makes it easier to transition between the apparel  tournaments and non-apparel tournaments.  That said, I have noticed that at times, my apparel bonus distance for my driver will just disappear. Not a big deal since it rarely happens, but  it does happen.