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Re: Downgraded by error ?

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Thu, Sep 21 2023 5:51 AM (1 replies)
  • Thielacou
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    Tue, Sep 19 2023 11:22 PM


    last week, I was in Diamond 3 and my final result was rank 44 so I think I stay in this league...

    but now, I am downgraded in Platinum 1 ???


  • bossbird
    2,198 Posts
    Thu, Sep 21 2023 5:51 AM

    It really makes no difference which league you are in , just play the coin rooms if you win well enough you go up , if you lose a lot you go down , only the very best players will win many coins by finishing in top ten. It’s one of the things on WGT which is pretty meaningless .