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Re: Release Notes 8/30

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Fri, Sep 29 2023 5:53 PM (26 replies)
  • WGTShamWow
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    Sun, Sep 3 2023 2:16 PM

    The team was able to correct the weekly goals issue but depending on when a player logs in for the first time this week, some players are only going to show 2 daily goals and 1 weekly goal for this week. The number of stars needed was lowered to make these rewards obtainable and this should show normally again next week. Sorry everyone! :(


  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Sun, Sep 3 2023 6:03 PM


  • twinponds169
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    Sun, Sep 3 2023 6:16 PM

    The number of stars needed was lowered to make these rewards obtainable

    So we are missing one half the goal possibilities for the week but you lowered the prize levels by one third, to make up for it?

  • FuturaUK
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    Sun, Sep 3 2023 10:46 PM

    Thank you for your reply WGTShamWow.

    I have just logged on to find that my 'individual goals' are now 'achievable'.

    The new CC goals are however, not something that will hold any appeal to the CC I am in as we are such a small club. I can't speak for other CC clubs but I suspect that the majority won't be 'busting a gut' to achieve too many of the goals as the 'rewards' are not 'cost effective'.

    This new addition to the game is not going to affect me (or my fellow CC members), we just won't be trying to achieve them.

    Kind regards


  • MioKontic
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    Mon, Sep 4 2023 8:59 AM


    If WGT did the software to get the next spacecraft to the moon it would probably end up in Fiji  :D

  • Pvall
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    Mon, Sep 4 2023 9:37 AM

    FuturaUK   I completely agree with you - all this is yet again is to pacify the top clubs & players. What about us small clubs - how on earth am i ever going to achieve any of those goals I'm solo. 

    I cant keep banging the same drum about CLASH whey on earth they don't put clubs in a league & give us long term players & small clubs a chance against the same level (number of members) & leave the normal big clubs to fight it out for the obvious big prizes..


    cc passes are far too expensive.


    Can you please get shot of the excellent shot cartoon graphic, lord I cant see the chip or putt & please give me the reverse view on my shots again.

  • AlaskanDame
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    Fri, Sep 29 2023 5:53 PM

    My club was able to get to 55 points toward club goals this week, with one wgt day left to go.  We eagerly awaited the change of day that happened about an hour before this post, as the next 5 points ("see all rewards") had been saying that we would earn 3 super passes if we got to 60.  We thought we’d be able to bank em til next Clash, like blues earned from TW’s.

    HOWEVER, when the new wgt day started an hour ago, the reward for reaching 60  changed to 2 course builders (which we have no need for - at all).

    That's just not fair.  Not sporting.  And the "bait and switch" is definitely not appreciated.  Given the season, I’d say the goalposts were moved while the field goal attempt was in the air.   Shame…..