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Fangorn Forest CC -

Tue, Mar 14 2023 3:46 PM (0 replies)
  • mega1byte
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    Tue, Mar 14 2023 3:46 PM

    The Fangorn Forest Country Club:

    We are a level 11 CC with members in all tiers.

    We have Monthly Tourneys and Challenges.

    Several times a Year we have a Major Tournament that coincides with the PGA Tour.

    A friendly club with good hearted members.

    Your welcome to join and visit and stay if your inclined to.

    Our website is




    Our Rules are:

                                          Membership Rules
    •          Play on a regular basis, Any member who hasn't played in One (1) year will be removed from the club. (Determined by Last Round on Country Club Page).
    • ·         You represent our club, when playing with other WGT members Play Nice! 
    • Must have a way for the club to contact you through your profile page. ( button to send a message) ( this will show up ONCE you have accepted my friend request [Mega1byte]).
    • This is mandatory within a week or you will be removed from the club roster.
    • ·         Be active in the club, tournaments are created for all of us to have fun in competing between ourselves and getting better at the game.
    • ·         You can contact me at any time with ideas, concerns or just chatting.
    • ·         Most of all have fun, Golf can be frustrating whether online or out on the course.

    Hope yo see ya on the courses