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Re: $Better WGT bottom line$

Mon, Aug 3 2020 9:52 AM (11 replies)
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  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Sun, Aug 2 2020 12:33 PM



    The issue I have is why can't I use balls from my own inventory when I run out ?

    I agree. This should  be a given option.

    Or... as far as I know, the rules of golf allow you to switch balls when you hole out and before hitting your 1st shot on the next hole. It should be the same in the game as well. When you run out of the ball in the middle of a hole, you finish the hole with the freebie.

    I doubt this will ever happen though, since it would require more programming from the part of WGT as Walt pointed out.

  • borntobesting
    8,756 Posts
    Mon, Aug 3 2020 9:52 AM


    Im hoping someone at WGT see's this and realizes this idea will "increase profits" for WGT.

    I have seen countless threads here about buying balls mid round. When you have 1 hit left on a ball you have the option of buying more. However, and this happens many times per day across WGT, a player may not realize, or simply be in the habit of disregarding the message, that this is his last ball of this brand.

    Doesnt it make sense, when one runs out of the ball he was using mid round, he is given the option before the rounds proceeds to buy the same sleeve of balls he was playing with on his last shot?

    The "extra" profit Im referring to is allowing the player to purchase the sleeve INSTEAD of finishing the round with a "free" WGT ball. For the remainder of that round the player will be using up hits on this ball he just purchased thus decreasing the amount of time before purchase of a new sleeve.

    It just makes sense to increase profit to allow the game to thrive.

    They already do that. If you run out of balls they give you the choice to buy a new sleeve of the ball you were playing or finish the round with the unlimited ball, They started that about 2 years ago or so. At least they were doing it. What I don't like on mobile is that when you get down to the last shot on a ball they try yo get you to buy a sleeve no matter how many balls you have, 

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