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Re: Match & Alt Shot Play ( 5 Mins )

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Fri, Jan 17 2020 9:55 AM (3 replies)
  • RICK1947
    1,672 Posts
    Thu, Jan 16 2020 12:49 PM

    Why can't we have at least  5 mins to get back on line when

    our pc goes bunkers. I think it's unfair to the players who are

    playing the game  who gets cut off without their  fault.

  • WGTShamWow
    831 Posts
    Thu, Jan 16 2020 2:35 PM

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to tell difference between a player experiencing a connection issue and a player simply leaving the round. Holding the other players up for 5 minutes while one player may or may not come back would be unfair to those other players. 

  • RICK1947
    1,672 Posts
    Fri, Jan 17 2020 9:55 AM

    OK, I could see that 5 mins is long. But what about 3 mins, I think

    it's 2 mins now. It's a shame I was playing alt and got hit with

    BSOD  ( Blue Screen Of Death ) it's not fair to the other players.

  • juDAVEst
    417 Posts
    Fri, Jan 17 2020 11:54 AM

    I agree's bad enough that you have players that leave the shot till the last second....which did annoy me immensely but now makes me leave it as it is .

    You can't better perfection.