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Re: 62....Amazing...but how....

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Mon, Jun 15 2009 7:09 PM (11 replies)
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  • iconian
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    Mon, Jun 15 2009 2:27 AM

    lemme try to breakdown the holes for you.

    there are 2 possibilities for every hole, tail and head wind. anything in between (side wind, etc you adjust accordinly)

    #1 - start with birdie or restart

    #2 - do not play a hero, you only have 2 chances to birdie this hole (except for a holeout) - one is a basic chip from the back of the green 10-12 yards, or if you lucky and land in rough trickle to the hole, you could have 10-25fter to make. par = good. wind doesn't really play much here because u can always get over there, obviously closer you are the easier it is, but nothing special. if really bad head wind, i just hit 3w with full bs there...

    #3 i have tried several things there, using drive, 3w and tried to land way left to make 70fter, just hit drive to land in rough and chip it, or whatever. in the end, don't be try for luck, hit your usual tad off drive with full bs, and if u land in front rough and trickle, consider yourself lucky. othrwise learn to make chips

    #4 it's a part 5, but i rarely birdie it. with any case, if it plays downwind, it's much much easier. idea is you land on left side of the green so it'll trickle down. then just hit 2nd shot and knock down approach. if it plays in face, layup to your perfect distance an then try to hit perfect 3rd shot to have a chance at a birdie. anything inside 12ft is good result

    ----pepsi break---

    u should at least be -1 at this pont, if anything went lucky on those holes, u can be -2. i been as low as -3 but real test is coming up now

    ---break over---

    #5 is great hole because its very hard but it gives you options. you must get drive in fairway if you want options. if not then just hit as close of a layup as possible and then just get there. if you get perfect drive to about 230-240 yards left, u could try going for the green and most likely endup in sand or rough. i like certain way and i have club that i use, so i chose that, because i know how much it runs after, so onlytime i'd bogey it, if i really screw up and misclick it

    #6 looks like a birdie hole, but it's kinda all depends on your drive. remember this: depending on wind, you must target appropriately. with tail wind you can easily reach rough on each side, so you must chose it carefully.  i actually prefer head wind becasue then i know my drive will not reach the rough and even if i have to hit 3iron or worse (i once hit full bs 5wood inside 8ft) u know if u use bs and hitting into incoming wind, the ball will stop stiff...

    now, whatever distance you have left, you have to be careful, becaus the pin located in front, and anything short is trouble, you must control your approach shot. remember your carry/run rules/distances on clubs, so when you hit certain club, you must have it carry. having a 20fter is not unusual for me, so if i make that, awesome if not par isn't bad.

    #7, to me it's harder than #5 and here is why: #5 againts downwind and there is only 1 spot to hit the drive...but this hole, depending on wind, you have many troubles. wtih high sideways wind, you really need to hit a 10-20yard spot on the fairway to have a good 2nd shot. many times here i got bogey because i didnt hit fairway and after 2nd shot, being left with 150+ approach didnt give me a chance to knock it stiff,... if you do get lucky and knock it in a great spot. depending on wind you should be on left side of fairway with 290-320 left...hit your 3w and then you have 65-85 left for an up and down with wedge.

    #8  this is your birdie hole. because it's so downhill and you should ALWAYS hit full bs, the ball will top/even go backwards when it, you need to practice it and be able to birdie it 7/10 times. ideally, you should be hitting a putt inside 8ft, which will break, but still, 8ft breaking is better than anything else you could be doing on that hole

    #9 - it's HARD. if it's with face wind, you need good drive, great 2nd shot, and excellt 3rd shot, to have a chance at par. if it's downwind, you can really kill the drive (like #4 left side of fairway) and be as close as 175 (i had 275 yard drive here). then you'd just hit your full bs 185 and pray u get close.

    ----bathroom break---

    idea score right now is -2, with any luck maybe -3

    ---break over, don't forget to wash your hands----

    #10, it's hard but not that bad. key is to have as 3rd shot from distance you are comfortable with. for me it's 65-85 yards...then, like #5,7,9, you need short shot skills

    if you had a good drive/approach, u should have inside 8ft for par...make it and u rock. that green sucks, it moves every which way, so best to be short or long.anything from sides = yuk

    #11 only birdie par 4 on the back if you have tail wind. get as close as possible, hit club longer, pray u get close and then putt for birdie. if you miss anything, you be left with not too hard of a sand/rough shot, but still not easy.

    #12 - yuk yuk yuk, i think it's as harder than #10 because drive is harder and green is eviler.same as #10, just get close and doit

    #13 this is a MUST birdie hole. you MUST get to left side of the green, otherwise u cannot get close enough for a reasonable 3rd shot cause trees are in the way.

    depending on the wind, you can be as close as 130 or as short as 170+ so, pick right club, pick right line and hit it. anything inside 6ft is makable. if you behind flag, u can make more from 12ft than sides which break a lot.

    #14 birdie birdie birdie. if you cannot consistenly get inside 8ft here, then you don't belong in final round. this hole plays same as multiplayer practice, maybe just club high, but same thing, you must trust the wind, distance, and spin. stick it close!

    #15 well well well....u have 2 ways attacking it(well 3 if u can get inside 190 for approach shot but for that ask avatarlee :)) then you can either go for hero shot from left top, (see my replay) or approach from low end and pray u got yardage right. par is like a birdie here.

    #16 - in MP u can birdie it, here it's just too bet is do what you did on 5,7,9,10,12 - hit best drive/approach to distance you want and then up and down.

    #17 - if it's downwind = it sucks cause u cannot stop it, prepare to chip from behind the green. if it's face wind, then club up, use full bs and pray u calculated right. i hit several inside 10ft verdict like this = tail wind = par, head wind, 30% chance for birdie.

    #18 - if still here, just get it down and then hit with enough club to carry it to the rough behind the flag 10-14 yard chip there to save par.

    if you were successfull you have -4 or so. if you get lucky with some winds, maybe -5. any other scores lower then you must have been very lucky

    bogeys will happen, none of you are tibbets or avatar lee, if you get 4-5 birdies and 1-2 birdies, you will make top 10


    final will be masters winds, which means some holes will have winds up to 24mph: just pray that #9, #11, #13, #16 are downwind and #17 is head wind

    good luck:)



  • Fuzzygazz
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    Mon, Jun 15 2009 7:09 PM

    thxs for taking the time to give  us that info iconian..nice job       fuzzygazz

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