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Re: Us Open vs Virtual Open hole by hole

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Fri, Jun 14 2013 5:44 AM (7 replies)
  • LOLserver
    3,522 Posts
    Thu, Jun 13 2013 3:14 PM

    Is it only me or the real Merion is different in highs & downs compare to the Virtual. Just to mention a few holes I have been watching.

    • Hole 5 fairway & especially  the green are not as steep as the Virtual, many players land and the ball does not roll down hill so much, I know the greens are a bit wet but still huge difference from the virtual
    • Green 6, same not as steep as the virtual. I know the flag is at the front this time.
    • Fairway hole 12, definitely not as steep as in the Virtual, balls roll forward much more then in the virtual and the players do not have the ball so much under their feet for the second shot.

    Please make your own comments. Cheers, Eric


  • MBaggese
    15,335 Posts
    Thu, Jun 13 2013 4:27 PM

    know the greens are a bit wet but still huge difference from the virtual


    This is the te course on slow/fast greens (like in UEL...or VF see such a difference.


    And also, the soft FW's are eliminating the drives roll out...unfortunately, WGT only affects the greens in'd be nice to see them affect fairways as we're seeing in the Open:)

  • MBaggese
    15,335 Posts
    Thu, Jun 13 2013 4:28 PM

    Thanks for totally


    Deena :)


    Had they played this Tourney two weeks'd be going "wow...just like my shot". ;)

  • LOLserver
    3,522 Posts
    Thu, Jun 13 2013 4:28 PM

    • Fairway hole 7 is almost flat before 30 yards from the green at Merion compare to the virtual so steep left almost from the begginning of the fairway, Green does not seems so much above the fairway as in the Virtual.

  • donsprintr
    2,060 Posts
    Thu, Jun 13 2013 10:13 PM

    The lack of seeing the steepness of height or drop of fairways,greens, etc., may be due to television cameras not having the same lenses as the lenses of the HD cameras that shot the pictures for our virtual course. Anyone that knows photography knows that changing from short lenses to long lenses alters perspective quite a bit. I also noticed how the television cameras tended to make Bethpage Black appear like a very flat course back in 2009 for the U.S. Open. Especially the greens on #4 and #15... they looked like they were only about 15 to 18 feet higher than the fairway if that.

    I haven't had the good fortune of visiting either Bethpage or Merion to see if they look more like the television camera view or the HD camera view .... so that's why I think it looks so different ...

    It could look different in real life than both of them ....

    Maybe someone on here that actually got to visit one of the courses that we have on here can tell us...

  • LOLserver
    3,522 Posts
    Fri, Jun 14 2013 5:44 AM

    Great point don. Agree, the camera angles can make a hole new course in view. 

    What I am basing my comments is in the landing & the "roll" of the ball either on fairways or greens. I am certainly not in Merion and have never been to Bethpage.

    I understand the mechanic of WGT of adding extra steepness to the course in general, if this is true, which in my opinion is.

    I have been playing the course now many times with Uneven Lies and can see & "feel" the steepness of fairways & greens. 

    Not trying to convince people of trying the UL, but it is perhaps a good point for people who have never played UL. 

    I think WGT is trying to make the courses bit more tough then they are in reality by adding severe steepness to compensate the unreal scores from top players.

    VEM is not in discussion here...btw.


    edit. forgot to say this "thanks a lot WGT, it is awesome playing a virtual golf course and then seeing the same course played in reality by pros.