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Re: The new Ping irons...I have a question.

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Wed, Apr 22 2009 6:55 AM (28 replies)
  • Kaslo
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    Fri, Apr 17 2009 9:04 PM

    I think that's a great solution. I think the Pings should be at the very least should have a no faster than the tourney clubs swing speed.

  • BetaJohn
    6 Posts
    Fri, Apr 17 2009 10:42 PM


    I purchased these PINGs, thinking - that while the specs showed otherwise - that I would have a club far superior in accuracy and forgiveness.  Just what PING is known for in real life.  Unfortunately this has not been the case and my scores are throw the roof, ha!  I mean, it comes down to, if you miss impact by a millimeter, the shot could start off-line 5 yards.  When I miss hit my Mizuno MP 14s or MP 33s in real life, I have more forgiveness.

  • dorkfeatures
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    Fri, Apr 17 2009 11:54 PM

    Hi Jbowles

    Putting - I personally think the putting is OK. Lets face it, its the putting that makes the difference, and its the hardest shot in the book.

    4 putting from 10ft - no way known. Sorry to say this - but get out on that practice course and get practicing. It is not easy, but to 3 putt from 6 ft - boy you need to practice.

    I am no great putter believe me but I rarely  3 putt any hole, regardless of distance. Sure I have the odd one or two, but in general 3 putts should not be necessary. From 10ft two putt as worst case. It is unfortunately just practice - I know you didnt want to hear that but thats the way it is. I am averaging about 1.6 putts per hole at the present, I need to get that down - yeh I know practice.

    See you on the course

    Cheers Doug


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    Sat, Apr 18 2009 9:07 PM


    Does WGT ever responded to these concerns? Do they ever reply, change, do anything or just sit back and laugh at our concerns?

    This has really become a joke!

  • Kaslo
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    Sat, Apr 18 2009 10:12 PM

    I am frustrated also but they do listen. You have to give them a chance to figure out what to do to find a balance.

  • chuckiee
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    Sat, Apr 18 2009 10:14 PM

    I bought the pings and if I could throw them in the ocean thats where they would be they stink.



  • nivlac
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    Sun, Apr 19 2009 8:27 AM

    Hammer4: Yes, actually, all the time.  They've shown plenty of times before that they actually do care.  They are always listenin, even if they don't always respond to everything.

    They had chances in the past to pull the "jerk" move, but they never have.  WGT has completely earned my respect in that regard.


  • jbowles824
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    Sun, Apr 19 2009 10:18 AM


    I have been practiced putting. I have even knocked my ball past the hole when I am within a foot or two just to practice. I bet I have 50-60 ranked rounds that I never finished because of being 6 or 7 over for 9 holes when I was trying my best. I did play a ranked round yesterday and finished it at +2 on the back nine. I am having such a hard time with the ping irons I even went back to the very first clubs we were using. I cannot control them, in all fairness I am having to use a cordless mouse which WGT does not advise using. They say use a corded mouse.

    I am going to try again to watch the putting video and practice some more, but I have heard others who have similar problems. I am just frustrated with the putting issues. One of the things that bothers me also is if you go to practice, the putting is not the same as it is in a match, tourney or ranked round. That is why I practice putting in ranked mode.

  • dorkfeatures
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    Wed, Apr 22 2009 6:55 AM

    Hi jbowles824,

    As  stated previously putting is certainly in my opinion is the hardest stroke to master on the course. But then so it is in real life.

    There have been some good form posts on the subject in the past - not sure how you access them.

    The reading of the greens is key, the wind is also key. How are you calculating the swing meter power? Obviously it is important to get that pretty right so that your first putt ends up at worst case 2 - 4 ft from the hole for a two putt. So that swing meter power is absolutely crucial. Most of the top players have between 300 - 650 ranked rounds, and probably the same in practice - so thats why they're the best. Practice makes perfect - it just requires a lot of it.

    Also you dont need to practice your putting in a ranked round. You can choose the type of wind in your practice round - low, moderate or strong. So get out on that practice fairway and give it a shot. Dont forget - its the swing meter power that you need to work out. Then you make adjustments for wind and the undulations of the green. So start with low wind, then progress to moderate & strong - oh yeh, document your results so you can refer to them during your round - like the pros do.

    Good luck. Maybe I'll see you out on the course one day.

    Cheers Doug