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Re: Verison

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Sun, Apr 18 2010 8:27 PM (3 replies)
  • borntobesting
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    Sun, Apr 18 2010 3:49 PM

    Did any of you see the play-off at the Verison? It may not have mattered as close as Furyk was to the hole and how far Brian Dais was.But Brian Davis calling an infraction on himself showed how much class he has. More athletes need to have that kind of class.

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    Sun, Apr 18 2010 6:37 PM

    More athletes need to have that kind of class.

    Yes they do.It's so nice to hear about good sportsmanship these days.Thanks for sharing that BTBSting.I haven't been in the house much at all since the weather is so nice and I got a big old field about 50 yds. from the back door that I can get out in and work on my swing.

    It took from Friday afternoon up until about an hour ago, but I got it down to a science.I ain't never hit it so consistently.Probably won't be able to hit a pitching wedge 50 yds tomorrow but it has been a good past three days.

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  • borntobesting
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    Sun, Apr 18 2010 7:43 PM

    I had just got back from playing a round on the local State park par 3 course and just saw the play-off. Glad you are hitting well. My game sucked today. 5 good shots and all but 1 were with the only club in my bag that I or anyone else is not  supposed to hit well. The 1 iron. My putting which is normally the best part of my game even sucked today. But I was outside in the beautiful albeit chilly weather. The last nine holes a man and his wife joined us. The lady hit shots that I only dream of. But like so many others she could get to the green with the best of them but she putted even worse than i did. 

  • OaktheToke
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    Sun, Apr 18 2010 8:27 PM

    replaying it now on The Golf Channel

    He hit a twig or reed on his backswing.  Loose impediment.  2 shot penalty.

    He called for the course official pretty quick after he hit the shot.  While it's is quite honorable for a guy who's a a career journeyman that could really use the win, its not like he had a choice.  They have it on camera so he would have been embarrassed if it was shown afterwards.  He also left himself with a lengthy putt so it was likely a mute point.  

    Tough break regardless and at least Brian Davis has 1 new fan.  Here's hoping he gets his win eventually.

    For highlights from the PGA website click here.