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A Gift...2019 Andyson Memorial

Wed, Apr 1 2020 4:23 PM by txzdave. 172 replies.
  • whooshdangit United Kingdom
    1,246 Posts
    Thu, Dec 12 2019 1:24 PM



    UK players-If your name is on the list above and you reside in the UK, please send your postal address to whooshdangit. If he is not on your friends list then send him a friend invite, he will accept your invite and then you can send him your info. DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL INFO ON HIS WALL OR IN THIS THREAD!


    Hi Mikey & all other UK players

    As soon as the packet gets to me from the States I'll set about sending things out. Just a reminder to those who haven't got in touch yet, send me a friend invite then you can PM me with your details.

    Mikey, friend invite sent . . . 



  • lonniescott711 United States
    4,061 Posts
    Thu, Dec 12 2019 1:45 PM

    Well I received my packet today of what nots and just want to say again Thank You to those who made everything possible . I will treasure it and not a word about whats inside . It truly will be a surprise to those who receive , Very special indeed . :-)

  • conveyorguy United States
    694 Posts
    Thu, Dec 12 2019 8:28 PM
    bumpity bump
  • Duckster789 United States
    529 Posts
    Thu, Dec 12 2019 8:43 PM

    I received my gift in the mail today.

    Thank you mrcaddie, conveyorguy and all involved!


  • K7JBQ United States
    1,428 Posts
    Thu, Dec 12 2019 9:25 PM

    Got mine today also. Christmas came early. Great job guys, and many thanks!

  • Chris1973M United States
    1,464 Posts
    Sat, Dec 14 2019 4:59 PM

    What a awesome surprise in the mail today, felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Received my Andyson Memorial marker in the mail today, , the marker will go with my collectibles and to the course when I get to play next spring, ,, .  The card that the marker came in is very cool,,, if there is a bunker im sure to find the dang thing. Thanks to all you  again for going above and beyond to make this such a great event.  . Take Care and Happy Holidays to all.


  • Wutpa Canada
    4,281 Posts
    Sat, Dec 14 2019 8:03 PM

    Add me to the list of delighted and grateful recipients! It's just marvellous to be a part of this and I feel very fortunate to be on the receiving end of such generosity - both financial and of spirit.

    Many, many thanks.


  • Beryman United States
    8,772 Posts
    Sun, Dec 15 2019 4:16 AM

    gift received and what a joy!!   ...and the best gift was getting the opportunity to play in the tourney

    thanks to all involved

  • dandycap United States
    1,635 Posts
    Sun, Dec 15 2019 5:10 AM

    I can only imagine what Andyson would be doing today if he was still with us.    His cartoons would have improved to a level above Disney.    And, of course, he would have solved problems with the mobile division.

                                 "M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S   D E N N I S"

  • MGB01 Spain
    1,403 Posts
    Mon, Dec 16 2019 3:48 AM