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Sun, Mar 15 2020 7:25 AM by Rick6208. 50 replies.
  • Rick6208 Canada
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    Mon, Dec 3 2018 1:13 PM

    Hello Rick6208 owner of the TORONTO LEAF FANS or TLF Thanks for clicking on my posting, we have the room so were accepting New Members at any Level because after a month at TLF you will move up in TIERS so fast you will be stunned!  Were looking for FUN members who play regularly !

    Were a Top 20 Club on WGT , we have some of the Best Players in this game! were a Fun group with lively CHAT and we all share our knowledge of the game!

    Club tourneys every week , at different tiers and all for Gold Coin Prizes!  When CLUB vrs CLUB contest take place we come together as ONE Team and compete with the best of them!

    So what are you waiting for ? Give us a shot , come join the TORONTO LEAF FANS !

  • 3567Tim Canada
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    Mon, Dec 3 2018 5:54 PM

    Hi there..I joined this club about a month or two ago..  It is the best club you will find. Friendly people in the chat room owner and directors who set up numerous tourneys for all levels ...The higher level players help with teaching and discussing on how you can improove your game.  Absolutely a fantastic club to play in !  


  • Hoze928 United States
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    Mon, Dec 3 2018 10:39 PM

    Come join TLF we need active players. Great club to be in tons of benefits lots of action going on daily with some seriously good players who will challenge your game. Or just play in a laid back game for fun and to learn. This club has it all just participate with your daily pass and be active and that is pretty much all they have asked me to do no pressure to do more if you don't want to. This club is a fast mover to the top be part of the ride.

  • Alain760 France
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    Mon, Dec 3 2018 10:43 PM

    Hi just to add to all Rick said the Toronto leaf fans is a melting pot of different nationalities and all these people mix in a great team.

    I like this game but i love this club life, you play and then you go in the clubhouse( chat room) to talk, laugh ,find another player for head to head game, advices on new tips shots.....

    It is all about sharing, besides the high Level of TLF it is great place to live the game.

    Come and join

  • Daltom55 Canada
    17 Posts
    Tue, Dec 4 2018 10:44 PM

    I have been playing in the wgt for about 3 years now and after wasting almost a year in a dead end club meaning no tournaments no chat no life I decided to switch clubs . All i can say is I am very glad I did its a fun club with active participation,  good players and always lots going on . Not just good players but great players I should have said . Most important of all you feel like your part of a team ! Go Leafs Go ! 

  • Brocker71 Canada
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    Wed, Dec 5 2018 12:29 PM

    Hi all, I’m fairly new to the club myself, been a member for about 2 months. So if your looking to join a great community of people this club is for you. Guaranteed once you join you will not want to leave. It is made up of a great bunch of people!! We always have fun, we are a top 20 club in both Turf Wars and Club Clashes, the great thing about this club that destinguishes itself from the rest of the big clubs is there is no pressure to spend gold in this events like it is in bigger clubs. It just have fun and participate to further your enjoyment of the club and the game. Plus there are weekly private club tournaments which you can always earn free gold coins. So if your looking for fun and a great club atmosphere, this is the club for you. You won’t regret your decision! I’m greatful to be a member, and would never think of changing clubs after experiencing this club first hand. So what are you waiting for give us a try 😃

  • Rick6208 Canada
    955 Posts
    Sat, Dec 8 2018 5:36 AM

    Hello I just thought I would clarify our club is mostly a Mobile app Club, However, we do have some PC based players who join in our Club tourneys and Club Clash events !


  • 3567Tim Canada
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    Tue, Dec 11 2018 4:05 PM

    Only one thing I can say,,,,well maybe 2 or 3 ....  This is THE best club in wgt...The people here are friendly and loads of fun to play against in numourous club tourneys ..but turf wars and clashes they are even better encouraging everyone as we play as a team.  Full of information from the higher tiers to help anyone improve their game ...Cant say enough about the great ownership and directors who run this club...I will say it again BEST club in WGT !

  • Rick6208 Canada
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    Sun, Dec 16 2018 10:51 AM

    Just went 10 & 1 in the last Club Clash and ended up in 16th spot ! Great Effort by our Club Members and mostly done on Free Club passes, because thats the way we roll !

  • CrustyPutter0 Canada
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    Thu, Dec 20 2018 6:07 AM


    Rick I think the TLF is a great club for players that want to advance their skill level as quickly as possible while having a good time doing it.

    As a new WGT player you can get frustrated playing under equipped in H2H against players many levels above and its a grind to move up the levels. You may even fall victim to the dreaded JCT syndrome which has been known to cause many a sleepless night.

    Joining the TLF will help you develop your skills, maximize your XP and lower your average in a family like atmoshpere. The tips on the TLF forum will take strokes off your game quicker than you can say flop it to stop it. 

    In the chat room you can catch up on the latest tips, WGT soap operas, performances from great musical acts, the daily thong report and so much more. 

    We have plenty of club tournaments going on whether they are weekly lower your average or the competive majors that are fun and friendly but with a take no prisoners attitude. 

    For anyone that is into the clashes and turf wars the TLF is right up there in the top tier, always a threat and gaining strength every week.

    Most of all the TLF is more like a family than a club. There is always a someone you can grab a 3 hole game with and have a relaxing game while chatting it up.

    Like the post title says, give yourself a gift and give the TLF a try. All you have to lose is a few strokes off your average.