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Hesperia Golf and Country Club

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Sun, Apr 30 2017 5:44 PM by srellim234. 0 replies.
  • srellim234 United States
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    Sun, Apr 30 2017 5:44 PM

    Played this one today. Booked the tee time through their own link and it was 18 holes including cart for $17.50 each. Good deal for golf on a weekend here.

    A pretty typical  high desert municipal course in very good shape after the wet winter. A lot of lush trees line the fairways. All the water hazards were drained years ago and not refilled. They are now just rock and weed filled waste areas.

    A decent course if you keep the ball in the fairways. Hit your ball off the fairway and your ball will be on hardpan dirt and rocks, buried in thick grass or in a ground squirrel/gopher hole. The odds are very slim an errant shot on a hole will reach anyone on another hole because of the course layout.. Almost impossible to hit a house, too.

    Sand traps are very firm as is typical of most desert municipal courses. Course sand but very few rocks and pebbles in the few I hit.

    Greens are not overly large or undulating but they do have slope to them and are very receptive to incoming shots. They were aerated fairly recently so there are some areas that haven't smoothed out yet.

    Course staff is very friendly but there is no course marshal or beer cart (maybe because it was Sunday?).

    It wasn't too busy, either. I understand it gets busy early and on Saturdays but teeing off after 10, we had no one in front of us until we caught them on the 15th hole. We had a few groups behind us but they didn't push us at all.

    For the price this one is worth playing. It's pretty simple and straightforward with no surprises or blind shots. IMO it is probably worth $20-25 on the weekend if you happen to be in the area. Ashwood Golf Course and Apple Valley Country Club are better courses in this area for not much more money but also busier.