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Tue, Jan 31 2017 5:43 AM by turfsand. 35 replies.
  • thewonderstuff United Kingdom
    1,431 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 1:51 PM


                                                      UKGE -                 -EAST COAST

                                                          6                                15


    thewonderstuff VS. Young46                 UKGE WIN

    bendervanfender VS. mfuston              UKGE WIN

    shok30 VS. xxblueeyesxx

    thegoosebag VS. turfsand                     UKGE WIN

    djw2037 VS. danc2807                          UKGE WIN

    kubasnack VS. Qputts                             E.C WIN

    bot1 VS. mystry78                                     E.C WIN

    georgebrid VS. dstylie                              E.C WIN

    stormdance VS. doitfaster                       E.C WIN

    deanoxx7 VS. donpand                            E.C WIN

    gerryniswonger VS.threewheelbadass E.C WIN

    grahwill VS. des1111                               E.C WIN

    saveloy VS. alph51                                   E.C WIN

    luckothirish VS. bader76                         E.C WIN

    rawkers VS. byethejesus

    stacker1970 VS. casale13                      UKGE WIN

    burno70 VS. dsvett                                    E.C WIN

    juspress VS. ezzy123450                         E.C WIN

    iainmclean VS. johntonya0689               E.C WIN

    pantherpop47 VS. kensabre10              UKGE WIN

    pollyfilla VS. setro87                                 E.C WIN

    cobrared VS. barry01                                E.C WIN

    divotdigga VS. krlbwl                                 E.C WIN     


    Rules and Regulations

    1. Matches played at kiawa island Full 18 scored Matchplay  (extra holes if needed)
    2. Start date 15th January 2017
    3. Please send friend request to opponents as soon as possible.
    4. Matches must be arranged for a specific time & date between players eg "Invite me when Im green" is not an arrangement.
    5. Match problems must be communicated to your team captains (thewonderstuff or turfsand)
    6. Match scores must be posted regularly by team captains or individual players on the  public WGT forum thread created. Link to thread will be provided soon.
    7. No focus boosts will be allowed during matches.                                                              .

                                 and most importantly HAVE FUN & ENJOY

                                                     -----GOOD LUCK------

  • turfsand United States
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    Sun, Jan 15 2017 3:55 PM

    i have posted this link into the East Coast forums and am sure our competition will be a great one!


  • DJW2307 United Kingdom
    12,459 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 8:10 AM

    The very best of luck to all players. Another great test for us at UKGE against a top CC with great players, but more importantly, hopefully an opportunity to make some new friends along the way too.

    Cheers guys. Have fun as always



  • PAULFINN52 United Kingdom
    2,873 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 8:47 AM

    good luck to both teams and a warm up for the world cup for you.


  • Barry01 Canada
    285 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 9:50 AM

    looking forward to playing good luck to both CC's

  • thewonderstuff United Kingdom
    1,431 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 5:31 PM


    i have posted this link into the East Coast forums and am sure our competition will be a great one!


     im sure it will dav and this is WGT at its best mate, and what the game should be all about,making new friends in a friendly competitive comp....although im still not happy being pipped against young46... i demand a reshuffle..ive seen his videos lmao



  • Young46 United States
    1,234 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 9:44 PM

    thewonderstuff and I will be playing on Thursday at 1:30pm US EST.

  • Barry01 Canada
    285 Posts
    Tue, Jan 17 2017 10:33 AM

    I just played Cobrared  he is quite the gentleman we both had some good holes bad ones too Best part think made a new friend and had fun playing

    I happened to get lucky and won  6and 5 poor Cobrared just missed putts all game

    Good luck to all others playing


  • COBRARED United Kingdom
    478 Posts
    Tue, Jan 17 2017 11:02 AM

    Thanks Barry01 your a Good player and a gentleman, Got my behind handed to me lost 6&5,  Thank you and will certainly be hooking up for further rounds

    Ian Cobrared

  • MFuston United States
    437 Posts
    Tue, Jan 17 2017 12:49 PM

    I just played my match with BenderVanFender.  We both started out hot, then I fizzled and his flame only grew.  He's a great guy and a great player, and he ended up smoking me 6UP by the time it was over, but I still enjoyed meeting him and look forward to some fun games in the future.  Well played Ossi, and a very deserving win for you!