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Tue, Jan 31 2017 5:43 AM by turfsand. 35 replies.
  • turfsand United States
    1,773 Posts
    Wed, Jan 18 2017 6:41 PM

    had a fun match with thegoosebag, the only spoiler was my loss to him    lol

    great guy to have a game with,


  • DJW2307 United Kingdom
    12,480 Posts
    Thu, Jan 19 2017 2:55 AM

    Just had the great pleasure of meeting up and playing my match against Dan. Sadly, WGT disconnects ruled in our match and think we had at least 5 aborted attempts at getting round, finally playing the back 9 after getting there on 3 occasions.

    A fantastic bloke to meet and another friend staying on my friends list. Thoroughly enjoyed the epic game which lasted over 2 hours with all the re-starts. It even ended with another disconnect for me. But by the skin of my teeth, managed to eke out a 2&1 victory over Dan. The score kind of immaterial and just great to get a game in with a top guy..Here's to more games in the future Dan...Was an absolute pleasure sir



  • grahwill United Kingdom
    1,389 Posts
    Thu, Jan 19 2017 11:04 AM

    Lost by 5 to Des1111

    His play was first class and while I had a couple of chances I never took them, not that it would have made a difference as he was too good for me.


    Lovely chap and a pleasure to meet him.

  • des1111 Ireland
    141 Posts
    Thu, Jan 19 2017 11:10 AM


      just finished my game with grahwivv was a good game i won 5up, think i had all thew luck with the putter graham had no luck at all, enjoyed game very much and good company


  • thegoosebag United Kingdom
    2,223 Posts
    Thu, Jan 19 2017 2:11 PM

    a 3 up win for me against dav (turfsand) would of gone all the way and extras probably only with dav being unlucky with the putter

    thanks dav for being so accomadating with the game and putting it back a few hours,this is what theses games are all about,a true gent and great company

    cheers     mark.

  • bader76 United Kingdom
    539 Posts
    Fri, Jan 20 2017 7:29 AM

    Just played my game with luckothirish the game was a good one, very close all the way.

    was all even after 18, bader76 1 up after 1 extra hole

  • Bot1 United Kingdom
    414 Posts
    Fri, Jan 20 2017 5:07 PM

    Completed my Match up against Mystry78  aka Frank.

    Lovely chap to play against , had a good chat.

    Result was a 2 & 1 win for East Coast.  Frank managed to Eagle 3 of the par 5's and chip in for birdie on 14 (par 3) which were crucial in an epic battle. Some great golf played.

    Good Luck to everybody else.


  • mystry78 United States
    793 Posts
    Fri, Jan 20 2017 5:14 PM

    Great to have a game with you Andy. I was a bit lucky with the eagles on the front.

    Well played!


  • Qputts United States
    377 Posts
    Fri, Jan 20 2017 8:04 PM

    Qputts 1up v Kubasnack.  He lipped out 3 putts that would have changed the outcome.  A pleasure to play.

  • alph51 United States
    596 Posts
    Sat, Jan 21 2017 10:27 AM

    alph51 1 up in extra holes over saveloy. Tony was a great guy, very good player and great company, I very much enjoyed our game, just wish we could have hit the pub together afterwards!