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Happy Birthday

Wed, Jul 1 2020 4:32 AM by borntobesting. 1,330 replies.
  • SweetiePie United States
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    Thu, Nov 6 2014 6:18 PM

    My Dad was 16 when the Beatles hit and was fortunate to embrace so much variety & talent of that era at an age in concert with it. I ask him plainly about the two and he said the Eagles, all things considered, are the best, so far, in his history. 

  • DaddysKat United States
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    Thu, Nov 6 2014 6:20 PM

    Can I ask which ones?

    Sure ...

    Strawberry Fields, Abbey Road, While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Let it Be and Penny Lane.


    you do have a point, Luigi.  I love Rock, Country and Jazz.  I don't think I could pick one genre.  It all depends on the mood.

  • SweetiePie United States
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    Fri, Nov 7 2014 7:28 AM

    So, the Eagles win it   ;-}

    November 7

        15 - Agrippina ~ Roman Empress ~ sister of Caligula ~ wife of Claudius ~ mother of Nero

      994 - Muhammad ibn Hazm ~ son of Muhammad ~ brother of Muhammad ~ cousin of Muhammad ~ uncle of Muhammad ~ father of ibn wackinoff

    1879 - Leon Trotsky ~ Russian thinker of thoughts that thought thinking should be thought of by those addicted to thinking

    1922 - Al Hirt ~ really good trumpet guy, but no Harry James

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1512 ~ Medici's discharge Niccolo Machiavelli from Florence

    1651 ~ King Louis XIV - The Sun King - is declared of full age. He is 13

    1665 ~ 1st Edition of "London Gazette"

    1722 ~ Richard Steele's  "Conscious Lovers"  premieres in London

    but was he ? you can be the judge by reading a private letter by Mr. Steele written in 1707, at Smith - street, West - minster, to: Mary Scurlock, his future wife

    Madam,   I lay down last night with yr Image in my thoughts, and have awak''d this morning in the same contemplation. The pleasing  Transport with which I'me delighted, has a sweetnesse in it attended with a Train of Ten thousand soft desires, anxieties, and cares; The day arises on my hopes with a new Brightnesse; Youth Beauty and Innocence are the charming objects that Steal me from myself, and give me Joys above the reach of Ambition pride or Glory. Beleive Me, Fair One, to throw myself at yr Feet is giving myself the highest blisse I know on Earth. Oh hasten Ye Minutes! bring on the happy Morning wherein to be ever her's will make me look down on Thrones! Dear Molly I am tenderly, passionately, faithfully Thine,   Richard Steele 

    1805 ~ Lewis & Clark sight Pacific Ocean

    1820 ~ James Madison re-elected POTUS ;-}

    1848 ~ Zachary Taylor elected POTUS # 12

    1876 ~ Rutherford Hayes elected POTUS

    1916 ~ Woodrow Wilson re- elected

    1944 ~ FDR wins 4th term---too pompous to follow the George Washington example and model of how and when to wrap it up

    1959 ~ Ryder Cup ~ US wins 8 1/2 - 3 1/2 at Eldorado GC in Indian Wells

    ~ Happy Day to all ~

  • SweetiePie United States
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    Sat, Nov 8 2014 9:21 AM

     ~ November 8 ~

        30 - Nerva, Narmi, Roman Emperor

    1431 - vlad III the Impaler ~ Wallachian Prince ~ looks a bit like a rodent with an exaggerated under-bite ~ makes Dalmer seem as a lightweight

    1622 - Karl X Gustav ~ King of Sweden

    1656 - Edmund Halley ~ Astronomer ~ "the Comet"

    1768 - Princess Auguste Sophia of the United Kingdom

    1836 - Milton Bradley ~ board game maker

    1847 - Bram Stoker ~ Irish author of "Dracula"  (strange that Bram & vlad share the same birthday) hmmm

    1900 - Margaret Mitchell ~ of Atlanta - author of "Gone With the Wind"

    1927 - Patti Page ~ Claremore, Oklahoma

    1949 - Wayne LaPierre ~ My NRA hero

    2003 - Lady Louise Windsor ~ British Royal

    ~ By the Bye ~

    392 ~ Roman Emperor Theodusius declares Christian Religion, state Religion

    1602 ~ Bedleran Library at Oxford is opened

    1731 ~ In Philidelphia Ben Franklin opens 1st US Library 

    1789 ~ Bourbon Whiskey 1st distilled from corn by Elijah Craig in Kentucky ( what is your favorite ?)

    1864 ~ Abraham Lincoln is elected to his 2nd term as POTUS ... he has about 5 months to live

    1880 ~ Sarah Bernhardt of France has her US debut at NY's Booth Theater

    1892 ~ Grover Cleveland elected POTUS

    1904 ~ Theodore Roosevelt elected POTUS

    1932 ~ FDR elected POTUS...1st of four .. :-[

    1960 ~ JFK elected POTUS....he will also get cut short

    ~ Happy Day ~

  • SweetiePie United States
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    Sun, Nov 9 2014 9:36 AM

    November 9

                                             1942 - Tom Weiskopf

                                             1971 - David Duval

    1389 - Isabella of Valois ~ queen consort of England

    1799 - Gustavus ~ Crown Prince of Sweden

    1801 - Gail Bordon ~ inventor of condensed milk

    1841 - Edward VII <> House of Windsor <> King of England

    When Edward VII took the throne at the death of his mother Victoria, he was 59 years old, and had been heir-apparent for the longest stretch in British history. Though in his younger years he had shown great charm but little discipline, Edward proved a capable and self-aware monarch, admired particularly for his extraordinary common touch and diplomatic ability....he had a tremendous zest for pleasure but he also had a real sense of duty

    1853 - Stanford White ~ Architect ~ and a notable one. His work can be found among places like the clubhouse at Shinnecock Hills, and Madison Square Garden, along with others of "The Rich and Famous". He had lusty, tawdry and "HOT" shack-ups with the beautiful Evelyn Nesbitt, wife of filthy rich, arrogant, snot-nosed, A-Hole, Harry Thaw, who allowed his jealousy to go far enough to shoot Stanford White in the head on the elegant outdoor roof top-of Madison Square Garden.

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1492 ~ PEACE of ETAPLES ~ agreed to by Henry VII of England and Charles VIII of France

    1494 ~ Family de' Medici become rulers of Florence

    1526 ~ Jews are expelled from Pressburg, Hungary by Maria of Hapsburg

    1541 ~ Oueen Catherine Howard is confined in The Tower of London

    1620 ~ The Mayflower spots land - Cape Cod

    1799 ~ Napoleon Bonaparte becomes dictator of France

    1872 ~ THE GREAT BOSTON FIRE !! takes out about 1,000 buildings

    1888 ~ Jack the Ripper does the job on Mary Jane Kelly -- in her bed !

    1961 ~ PGA eliminates "caucasians only" rule

    1989 ~ East Berlin opens

    ~ Sunday---take a rest ~


  • SweetiePie United States
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    Mon, Nov 10 2014 6:11 AM

    November 10

    1341 - Henry Percy ~ 1st Earl of Northumberland ~ English Statesman

    1483 - Martin Luther ~ founded Protestantism

    1683 - George II <> House of Hanover <> King of England

    The rein of George II saw England continue to expand as a military and mercantile power. Though he was often curt and personally difficult, George, like his father, understood the changing nature of British kingship, and under his rule the establishment of Parliment as the true center of power was largely completed. George was the last of England's soldier kings, and if his rein lacked vision it provided the stability and continuity a rapidly growing Britain needed

    1697 - William Hogarth ~ English painter, a master

    1889 - Claude Rains ~ The invisible

    1925 - Richard Burton ~ Wales

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1674 ~ Dutch formally cede New Netherlands (NY) to English

    1793 ~ France ends forced worship of God

    1801 ~ Kentucky outlaws dueling

    1871 ~ Henry Stanley encounters David Livingstone with the famous words :               "SUP B!TCH ?"   ;-}     " Dr. Livingstone, I presume ?"

    1908 ~ 1st Gideon Bible put in a hotel room 

    1924 ~ Dion O'Banon, leader of the Irish North Side Gang, gets whacked in his flower shop by Johnny Torrio's gang in starts a bloody war

    ~ Peace ~

  • siggipj76 Denmark
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    Mon, Nov 10 2014 5:23 PM

    1864 , Denmark lost a war with Prussia , a trial for Prussia before they ran over France in 1870 !

    A man named Bismarck and Moltke made their mark with that war , and it would continue for another 80 years.

    150 years ago this year.

  • SweetiePie United States
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    Tue, Nov 11 2014 8:40 AM


    1864 , Denmark lost a war with Prussia , a trial for Prussia before they ran over France in 1870 !

    A man named Bismarck and Moltke made their mark with that war , and it would continue for another 80 years.

    150 years ago this year.

    Thanks Sig ! It is numbing to ponder and realize that many thousands and thousands of our fellow men and women lived entire lives in a state of war never to know of any other life style. Stunning !

                                               ~  VETERANS DAY ~


                                       ~ REMBERANCE DAY in CANADA ~

    November 11       "we have spent 315 days but still have 50 more"

    1154 - Sancho I ~ King of Portugal

    1155 - Alfonso VIII ~ The Noble One ~ King of Castilia

    1744 - Abigail Smith Adams ~ 2nd 1st Lady

    Quite the smart Lady. She and her brain and her sharp wit and her charactor were deeply loved by husband, John Adams and greatly admired by friend, Thomas Jefferson. Truly a key ingredient to the American recipe.

    1748 - King Charles IV of Spain

    1821 - Fyodor Dostoyevsky ~ Russian Novelist of "Crime & Punishment"

    1885 - George S. Patton ~ US General ~ "Blood & Guts"

    "it is so appropriate to celebrate his birth on this day. He was a Combat General along the train of greats ie. Washington, Jackson, Lee, Grant, Sherman, Pershing...all true MEN ! The story of General Patton visiting a field hospital of very wounded solders and encountering one that was sitting in bed without any noticable injury, was asked what  happened to him by General Patton. He said it was nerves, he couldn't handle his nerves. General Patton slapped him in the face, called him a coward, and sent him to the front lines. LOL!! He was lucky; General Washington would have had him hung."

    1940 - barbara boxer ~ 100% entirely useless US Senator from California...I'm so happy she is 74....she is equal to Senator al franken

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1620 ~ 41 Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored off Massachusetts

    1839 ~ The Virginia Military Institute is founded in Lexington, Virginia

    1865 ~ Mary Walker US Army female surgeon is awarded the Medal of Honor

    1918 ~ World War I comes to an end with the signing of an armistice

    1921 ~ President Harding dedicates "Tomb of the Unknown Solder" at Arlington Cemetary

    1926 ~ Route 66 is established

    1938 ~ Kristailnacht : Jews are forced to wear Star of David 

    ~ Kiss a Veteran ~

  • DaddysKat United States
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    Tue, Nov 11 2014 5:26 PM

    11 November ...

    1945 ... General George Smith Patton Jr (war hero). 

    and PGA golfer, Fuzzy Zoeller is 63.

    and this guy was born on the 11th too ...

  • SweetiePie United States
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    Wed, Nov 12 2014 6:50 AM

    PGA golfer, Fuzzy Zoeller is 63.

    I have often thought that a cool, tawdry WGT player name would be a cross of Fuzzy Zoeller and PGA golfer Doug Tewell, you know, FuzzyTewell

    November 12

    1547 - Claude of Valois ~ French Princess ~ daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici

    1606 - Jeanne Mance ~ French Canadian Settler

    1729 - Louis Antoine de Bougainville ~ French Explorer

    1840 - Auguste Rodin ~ Sculpter

    1889 - DeWitt Wallace ~ founder of Reader's Digest

    1908 - Harry Blackmun ~ Supreme Court Justice

    1917 - Joseph Coors ~ "you know"

    1929 - Grace Kelly

    1934 - Charles Manson ~ "a 134 IQ gone to waste"

    1940 - Neil Young

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1793 ~ Jean Sylvan Bailly, the first Mayor of Paris is gUill0tined

    1859 ~ Jules Leotard, a Paris trapeze guy designs the garment that bears his name

    1892 ~ Pudge Heffelfinger becomes 1st  Pro Football player for $500

    1905 ~ Norway chooses Monarchy over Republic

    1954 ~ Ellis Island closes

    ~ see ya ~