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finishing a "round"

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Wed, Feb 25 2009 1:08 PM by nivlac. 1 replies.
  • jcksnghst United States
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    Wed, Feb 25 2009 12:23 PM

    does it affect the other player when one departs a round early? if so how and in what way?

  • nivlac United States
    2,188 Posts
    Wed, Feb 25 2009 1:08 PM

    There's a small possibility your game could get hung when someone disconnects inappropriately (not through the menu). That would break up the remaining players in your group leaving everyone to restart or finish out solo.

    Positive effects include possible reduced lag (less connections) and not having to play with the guy hacking it up anymore.

    Aside from that, no, it doesn't affect any elements of your game or your score.