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Tue, Jun 16 2009 12:02 PM by Futures. 22 replies.
  • chuckiee United States
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    Tue, May 12 2009 6:44 AM

    How can anyone not like the man he's not good he's great at what he can do on the golf course. I was at the players chapionship at pinehurst #2 course getting players to sighn my pass didn't get his autagragh but he at least acknoliged I was there and he sighned just about all the kids passes that handed to him I can't say that about some of the other players that were out there that day. You can't say enough for what he has done for the game of golf and for the kids in this world he's the greatest in my book.  Thats just my redneck opinion everyone has there's.


  • Decarz2 United States
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    Thu, Jun 11 2009 11:33 AM

    ha nivlac tell me what big tournament Sergio has won..... None because he sucks and he chokes under pressure. People are scared to play with Tiger in the final group on sunday. They like playing with sergio because they know if its close at the end he'll choke unlike tiger who's clutch. and for all you tiger haters out there you can go suck somebody's @#$%. Tiger throws tiger tantrums because strives for perfection . Its good for anybody and everybody to get there anger out and this is how he does it. It works for him.

    Listen Tiger is the best there is and the best there will ever be. forget Hogan , Palmer and all the rest of them . Its all tiger all the time.

    So haters keep on hatin on Tiger, it hasnt effected him now and it never will.


  • ChristopherRouss United States
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    Thu, Jun 11 2009 12:21 PM

    Tiger is a school girl compared to that Spanish ***?  what r u smoking, where r u in d world, and can you share?  What has sergio ever won?  Think about what you are saying before you post it here....  I mean I don't like Tiger personally, but his play is by far better than anyone out there.  Sergio is a novice compared to Tiger.  Ok maybe he isn't a *** but he sure talks like one.  And how many majors has Sergio even been in contention to win?  0

  • nivlac United States
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    Thu, Jun 11 2009 12:26 PM

    Decarz and Chris, I never said Sergio was better than Tiger.  Read my first post in the thread.

    My second post was in response to Maniack because he made a comment about Tiger not maintaining composure compared to a Jack or Arnie, which prompted my comment about Sergio (due to his severe lack of composure).

    Is there any other misinformation I can correct?  Please get your facts straight before you advise me to "think about what I say."

    I accept apologies in the form of 20 dollar bills.  Thank you. :-)

    Oh and for the record, Sergio's best finish in each Major is listed below.  I'd say that certainly qualifies as contending to win. He lost the 2007 Open Championship in a 4 hole playoff against Harrington by one stroke.  Also add to this list a win in the 2008 Players Championship, which is widely regarded as golf's 5th Major.  I'd call that a pretty big tournament.

    The Masters T4: 2004
    U.S. Open T3: 2005
    Open Championship 2nd: 2007
    PGA Championship 2nd/T2: 1999, 2008
  • Snaike United States
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    Thu, Jun 11 2009 1:13 PM

    Decarz and Chris...  Context, my friends, context.

    Nivlac never dissed Tiger, so please put down your torches and pitchforks.  He was responding to another comment by Maniack about how Tiger cusses and tantrums...  So, Tiger is a schoolgirl compared to Sergio's meltdowns.

    Oh... and Decarz.. we golfers will never forget Hogan, Palmer and the like.  Tiger would not be who he is and doing what he does with out them.  They were the best of their time, and Eldrick is the best of this time.... and, whether you like it or not, there will come a time when someone else will be better than Eldrick.  It is the nature of life.

    Personal request, though, and don't take this too personally... try to frame your arguments without resorting to vulgarities if you really want people to take you seriously...

    Remember, read first, understand second, react third....

    *edit.. - .. Nivlac beat me to it.  See what I get for leaving this open and not finished for an hour!? ...

  • ChristopherRouss United States
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    Thu, Jun 11 2009 1:49 PM

    The way it was worded threw me off is all...  sorry about the missunderstanding Nivlac.  It's just that comparing Tiger to Sergio at all is like comparing me to you here.  Even though they have me as a pro(with a 74.75average) I consider myself a novice here

  • Decarz2 United States
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    Thu, Jun 11 2009 9:49 PM

    Sorry nivlac, you will not get 20 bucks from me. About the Sergio win though, you hepled me state my case. I said win, Not top 10. He had a chance to win in the last round of all of those but he choked. Missing two footers.  Gosh, there is no way you can win this argument,ok bud. Come back to me when Segio stops choking and starts winning .


  • Decarz2 United States
    24 Posts
    Thu, Jun 11 2009 9:59 PM

    sorry i didnt read the whole thing but  but im talking about a real major. Not something considered golfs 5th major. even though he won it was because paul goydos hit it in the water. he still missed the three footer. Not clutch at all. If they were tied going into Sunday , both of them in the final pairing. This tournament is the this years us open at Bethpage Black. who do you think would win.

    I think tiger would beat him like Travis Barker beats his drums.

    Hes not ready to be a serious threat to the games best.


  • Decarz2 United States
    24 Posts
    Thu, Jun 11 2009 10:05 PM

    a yo snaike , people apparently take me seriously because look at how many responses i got. alright. Dont diss me like that yo. man , u need to let me do what i do , stay outta what i say. Its not like ur a professinal campign advisor that i pay to tell me what to say and do. ok.


  • Thetruth67 United States
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    Fri, Jun 12 2009 10:29 AM


    After reading this I must admit you made me think.   I think......

    You are delusional if you truly mean this. "Listen Tiger is the best there is and the best there will ever be. forget Hogan , Palmer and all the rest of them . Its all tiger all the time. " 

    Tiger is great, but I can't say he is the best of all time.  I really cannot pick anyone as the best of all time.  The game is far different than it used to be.  Aside from the major changes in golf technology that improved not only distance but also accuracy, course lay-outs have completely changed.  So all you can look at is how they finished in tournaments during their careers.

    Through 2008

    Jack Nicklaus has 136 more top 10 finishes than Tiger.  Arnold Palmer has 95 more top 10's.

    Jack Nicklaus 18 professional major wins,  Tiger 14.  Jack Nicklaus 20 pro and amateur major wins, Tiger 17.

    Basically, what I am saying is Tiger is great, but if you look back at the different eras of golf there has always been a "Tiger" that is that much better than his counterparts.