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WGT Premier Membership

WGT Premier Membership
Double XP for all games played (including country club XP when using a pass)
Carry up to 4 country club passes at a time
4-hour country club pass generation
48-hour rentals for clubs
A free daily scratcher
Lasts for 12 months

Premier Membership

Become a premier member and get sweet benefits for a whole year!

Player Reviews

Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021
Great way to help you and your country club to level up,save money buying passes in the clashes.Have been playing for a while now I would recommend buying this accessory.
Wednesday, 13 Jan 2021
The Best for any CC or golfer no matter what level on..... helps to the next level faster then the boosters..... 3rd year on
Monday, 07 Sep 2020
Hi members had premire 12 months now coming up for my renewal, well worth the benefits. Leveling up quicker equipment and the advantage of passes etc. Club owners love having players with this status. If you can afford and you enjoy this game as much as i do then this is for you
Saturday, 19 Oct 2019
If you have the credits this is definitely worth getting. Faster leveling up means access to better equipment sooner and at the same time you can help out your club with the increased XP contribution. I would recommend highly.
Sunday, 18 Aug 2019
If you want to help your Country Club this is a great way to do it. If your just starting out a career this is a major advantage to move up fast. Helps you level up quicker and get those clubs and balls you want, to help improve you game. Go for it have some extra fun i did!!!!!!