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WGT Plus Membership

WGT Plus Membership
50% more XP for all games played (including country club XP when using a pass)
Carry up to 2 country club passes at a time
8-hour country club pass generation
36-hour rentals for clubs
A free daily scratcher
Lasts for 12 months

Plus Membership

Become a plus member and get game improvement benefits for a whole year!

Player Reviews

Saturday, 27 Jan 2018
tell the world! The WGT PLUS MEMBERSHIP is a nice way way to give back to someone you Like on WGT (:--}
Saturday, 09 Dec 2017
All I want for Christmas!!!
Saturday, 09 Dec 2017
Ok this looks like a good way to go for players at higher levels. At $99 for basic plus. $180 Premier. I did the math..If you just play the 2 courses Cabo & Whistler everyday saves big time on the fees. My dad is getting my email as we speak thanks WGT.
Friday, 03 Nov 2017
The next best thing to WGT Premier Membership - look at the benefits......a must have at a budget price