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Virtual U.S. Amateur Overview

Welcome to the second annual Virtual U.S. Amateur, in collaboration with the USGA. Players will compete first in the Qualifier tournament on Pinehurst No. 2 in August to post their best score. Then the top 64 scores will move on to a Bracket competition made up of four 16-player brackets. These qualifiers will compete in head-to-head matches played over four days until there's a winner from each bracket. These final four players will get a trip to Topgolf Las Vegas to compete in live head-to-head semifinal and final rounds for a chance to win an exclusive Virtual U.S. Amateur trophy, $2,000 in gift cards, a Phigolf WGT Edition and choice of tickets to the 2020 U.S. Amateur or U.S. Open.

Aug 01-18, 2019 Virtual U.S. Amateur Qualifier 128,000 WGT Credits
Pinehurst No. 2   Details »
Aug 22-25, 2019 Virtual U.S. Amateur Brackets 1 through 4 20,000 WGT Credits
Pinehurst No. 2   Details »
Sep 21, 2019 Virtual U.S. Amateur Championship Virtual U.S. Amateur trophy
$2,000 in gift cards
Phigolf WGT Edition
Choice of 2020
 U.S. Amateur or
 U.S. Open tickets
Pinehurst No. 2   Details »
Played live at Topgolf Las Vegas