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Thu, Sep 21 2023 10:54 AM (115 replies)
  • couchpot
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    Mon, Sep 11 2023 7:14 AM

    I was wondering about that EK.  

    So no benefit for buying Puma, Loudmouth etc apparel?

    Seems a waste of credits.

  • paueett
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    Thu, Sep 21 2023 9:49 AM


    I read through all the threads but it was not clear, I paid the 500 cr but thought I could use whatever clothing I wanted and get the benefits of any other brand which is NOT how it works. You can only change your clothing from the same brand and get it's benefits which is not clear in any apparels thread.

    I have another question, If I buy, for example, loudmouth pants, do they have any benefits or can I use what ever benefits come from another brand in my original apparel. For example I have Level 4 C&M pants, if I buy a pair of Loudmouth or any other apparel from the WGT shop, do they have any benefits or can my benefits from L4 C&M be used on those loudmouth pants? Or is the Pro Shop apparel basically with out any benefits when playing coin games.? I wish I could pay the 500Cr and use SE pants with my C&M benefits, but that is NOT the case for anybody wondering. 

    I edited the post a while back cause this question keeps coming up, and it will keep coming up. Hope wgt takes the hint and makes this system more intuitive, it's confusing a hell of a lot of players.

    So everyone starts the game with the standard "abilities" tab, you put stuff in there and that's the apparel your avatar is wearing and it's giving you x bonuses. Now if you pay 500cr you unlock the "appearance" tab, the base abilities tab is still there and applying the bonuses of the apparel you have equipped but if you place stuff in the new appearance tab it overwrites the looks and only the looks.

    E.g: I've always had the abilities tab filled with the complete swing edge set and have always played with those bonuses at whatever level I had them, but I change the appearance tab when I find some goofy clothing I wanna wear and so my appearance has changed quite a few times. My look changed but the abilities tab has always had the swing edge stuff so I've always had the swing edge bonuses. If I wanted the appearance of say max apparel (which also has bonuses on it) I'd put it on the appearance tab and only the skin of it would apply, the bonuses still come from whatever is in the abilities tab. If I liked both the bonuses and the look of a given item I would place it in both the abilities tab and the appearance tab.

    Both tabs are completely separate, you're not limited to a brand or to anything. I'm not sure what issue you encountered, but yeah totally independent systems. Only the apparel from the 5 brands when you open apparel boxes (C&M/FW/M/SE/TG) has in-game bonuses. A lot of what you'll see in the pro shop is only cosmetic: puma, loudmouth, underarmour etc

    Yes your benefits from L4 C&M pants can be used on the loudmouth pants, or rather you can have the bonuses of L4 C&M pants and the looks of whatever pants you want including the C&Ms themselves; it's not like this is some gear enchanting system that ties items together just 2 tabs with independent functions, explained above.

    TLDR: The "abilities" and "appearance"(500cr unlock) tabs work independently. You get the bonuses of what's in the abilities tab. You get the looks of what's in the appearance tab. E.g: you can wear some tacky af loudmouth pants and get C&M pants' in-game bonuses. If it helps you understand it better it's effectively the equivalent of wearing loudmouth pants with the C&M bonuses in-game, like some sort of fused item, but in order to do that you have to set up both tabs correctly in the settings.

  • paueett
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    Thu, Sep 21 2023 10:54 AM


    I was wondering about that EK.  

    So no benefit for buying Puma, Loudmouth etc apparel?

    Seems a waste of credits.

    Puma, loudmouth and anything other than the main 5 brands are purely cosmetic yes.

    Also I disagree, sales of cosmetics/skins is the way for any somewhat competitive game to have revenue without creating unfair advantages and just being some average pay 2 win turd. If players like the game they will spend on average-to-ok designed cosmetics and everyone will be happy to know they're playing on even terms, I sincerely doubt they'd let go of ball sales at this point so in the end they're just adding another revenue stream, having their cake and eating it too. Just saying this particular monetization, if exclusive, I don't see a problem with.

    At the moment, even a subscription model would be more respectable than what we ended up with. Wgt seem to want to make some kind of e-sport out of this yea? Well get rid of the predatory ball buying bs, turn lvl requirements for clubs back into some tier/tee-related thresholds and let the better/most skillful or maybe luckiest player win the tournament. There's your competition, there's your e-sport, everyone will try to make it and it'll be interesting.

    Otherwise I doubt anyone remotely interested in getting better at this game would take it seriously, I know I wouldn't. Even if you argue the difference can be overcome the situation with the balls for instance is just silly. I grinded the clubs watching ads but I play the free rock ball, always have always will; I just won the showdown that ended today (with a -9 on 9, pretty happy bout that :D) and if you check the -8/-7s behind me they're all pretty much using 1000+ cr balls, independently of the results the abyss in stats (distance/spin) between them and me is horrifying, just the drives go 30+yds further. Pay to win games rarely have a proper competitive scene no matter how large the playerbase.

    Oh FYI I'm not arguing whether ball pricing is too high or too low, affordable/or not, whether you can win the credits back performing in ready-gos etc, cheaper than a cinema ticket or real prov1x balls or whatever form of entertainment pricing per hour bs argument people care to make blah blah.. not at all, I'm saying the model is dumb, and tying the word "e-sport" to this is even dumber. I'm also not saying if someone dropped an infinite supply of premium balls on any average joe they'd beat the crap out of the current top players in the game, that wasn't the point either they're good.

    Damn that was a long reply to a very short post. Bad day I'm leaving this up, it's buried deep in the thread. Rant over/